Wordpress.com or self-hosted?

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Hey warriors,

do you use wordpress.com and buy a domain, or do you host it on your own webhost?

If you use a webhost, which do you prefer...
hostgator, netfirms, bluehost?
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    Hosting is much better as you can use your own plug-ins etc.

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      Originally Posted by seo-it-right View Post

      Hosting is much better as you can use your own plug-ins etc.
      Thats right. And and they can not just close your account whenever they feel like it.
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    I personally use Hostgator and find them very effective.

    I don't use the free wordpress.com sites because it's against their TOS to monetise the sites. This defeats the whole purpose of IM for me.

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    I use hostgator and as seo-it-right says great for plug-ins
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    Wordpress only provides pages for non profit, non commercial content. If you have any seriousness at all about starting up your own online business, definitely do not start out building a commercially oriented site hosted by Wordpress. Plus it looks much more professional and adds unseen benefits to have your own domain name for your sites. Yoursite.wordpress.com is ugly, especially to my wallet.

    In my experience, Hostgator has been very good to me. I now have three different accounts with them to cover all my domains and above all they have had the least amount of downtime and issues. Of course, I guess I should mention, I am the type of person who likes to set something up once and never have to mess with it again. Hostgator has provided me with that luxury, often fixing problems without me even knowing they were there unless I check out the error reports.
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    definitely self hosting,much more control over your stuff
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    No doubt you should go for self hosted blogs.. there are lots of disadvantages with wordpress.com blogs.. if you want to make some money using this blog you should always go with the self hosted version.. but if you want to keep it just as a hobby then you can be satisfied with the wordprss.com blogs..
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    No question self hosted is the way to go for anyone wanting to make money from a blog. For the record, I'm using Dreamhost for my blog. I had used Netfirms for an old blog a while back, but their service was absolutely horrible, with my blog going down quite often and zero customer service. So far however, I'm very pleased with Dreamhost. I never have problems and their tech support people are very helpful.
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    I wouldn't even host a free info site on wordpress.com I like owning the information on my site, not just having access to it.


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    I use both.

    I find having hundreds of free blogs on other platforms is a really cool extra way to get links to new pages/sites that I do host.

    I don't use Hostgator but I do tend to get hosts with Cpanel.

    nothing to see here.

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    alright, awesome. i'll go for hostgator or dreamhost then
    thanks for the input!

    @andyhenry: oh, mind sharing what kind of platforms you use?
    Blogger.com, Livejournal, xanga, onsugar are all i can think of..

    anyway, what kind of plug-ins do you guys recommend?
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    I'm using Hostgator to host my site. Wordpress.com have it's own limitations on how to use it especially for commercial purpose. If you are serious in building your online business via your web presence then hosting it on your server it's the way to go.
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      Don't let anyone else host your content!

      Here is what I see:

      Your domain is still your most important piece of branding, regardless of any short lived trends.
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    It's preferable to buy your own domain.

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    Wordpress self-hosted over standard Wordpress.com any day. The two simply don't compare in my honest opinion.
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    I self host on DreamHost.
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    I used to host my blog in Wordpress, but I felt constrained with their free service so I decided to self-host with HostGator. So far, so good.
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    having you hosting you gain full control of your website like using plugins and decrease page loading speed which (by Matt Cutts) is very important aspect of serp
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    Originally Posted by wishfulsuccess View Post

    Hey warriors,

    do you use wordpress.com and buy a domain, or do you host it on your own webhost?

    If you use a webhost, which do you prefer...
    hostgator, netfirms, bluehost?

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    If you have a business online and want a lot more control over it, then a paid hosting website is the best. Blogs will usually display your latest posts on your page. Websites allow you more control of how you want your visitors to navigate through your info.

    Now if you have a blog, then a word press site would be better suited.

    I use yahoo webhosting. The service and reliability is excellent. They have plans starting at $13.94 per month including a domain.

    Host gator has some really good plans starting from $4 and up.
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