Should I buy Word Tracker? any useful results.

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Should I buy WordTracker tool, is it useful to target keyword with less competition.

If no, than why?

If yes!

any special or strategy to go on

thanks to all Warriors, the best community I ever found )

Please note that I will be using this to promote web hosting
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    It is a good tool but if you are starting out I would go for free google keyword tool which is free.
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    wordtracker used to get results from yahoo and other search engines. Now for the most part it gets it's results strictly from google. So the free google keyword tool would probably be just as good.

    As far as strategies I'd say use the keyword ninja tool along with wordtracker or the google keyword tool. You can dig up some good keywords that way.

    Good luck in the web hosting niche...It's extremely crowded.
    if you have any strategies to market in that niche I'd like to hear them. The keywords worth optimizing around are very competitive (in my opinion).


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