need marketing strategies for highly competitive web hosting niche

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Web hosting has become extemely over crowded. what could be the best strategies to market and makes sales.

any easy tips and tricks.
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  • Wow tough call. I personally haven't dived into a niche this competitive. I'm more into the 4,000 - 10,000 plus a month keywords searches.

    I don't think anything would differ though from what you would do if you were going after a smaller less crowded niche. It may just take you longer, but the same "rules" still apply.
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    Why not just focus on building a list of people who would have the web hosting need...for example, instead of targetting web hosting, target people who are starting a business, and are looking at other things as well, for example, info on how to create a web page, how to create a squeeze page, etc., then offer the web hosting. I have done this for several years, and have found it works well for selling hosting (of course, this is in conjunction with selling other tools as well).

    You could also write articles geared towards choosing the right hosting, then shoot readers over to your site, or a review site
    Have you thought about starting a group coaching program, but don't know how?

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    Your need to tell clients why your service is better and some positive reviews.
    Then buy banner ads on IM related sites
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