Do you need a website to sell a ClickBank product?

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Hi Warriors.

Thought I would ask your advice. I have been considering selling digital products through ClickBank but my question is. Do you need a website to sell a ClickBank product? The reason I ask this is because I specialize in video creation and wondered if there is a way of selling a product with a video as apposed to a website? Is this possible and if so how would I go about it, a YouTube channel? I also wanted to know if anyone else is using this method.

Many thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by Pro-Backing-Tracks View Post

    Do you need a website to sell a ClickBank product?
    You don't "need" one. There are people making (a few) sales without one (for example, by forwarding links in article resource-boxes in article directories directly to their hoplinks), but that doesn't make it a sensible thing to try to do. (I wish all my competitors did it, though).

    You need to build a list, to make realistic money from promoting Clickbank products. Your competitors will all be doing so, and you'll be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage, if you don't.

    I know nothing at all about video, but I think that building a list means that the opt-in for it has to be housed on some sort of "website", even if it's only a one-page squeeze page, no?
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    Instead of purchasing a domain, you can use free websites like squidoo or hub pages to promote your links. Using signature links in your niche forum will also provide an opportunity for CB sales too.

    You can create a Squidoo lens for free and use social sites to increase your PR quickly. You can also promote products on Amazon as well and increase your opportunity with even more profits.
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      Originally Posted by Sam90 View Post

      Instead of purchasing a domain, you can use free websites like squidoo or hub pages to promote your links.
      You can also get a free domain-name and host it on free hosting, and that way you own and control it yourself instead of subjecting yourself to Squidoo's/Hub's (changeable) terms of service, carrying their advertising, and so on.

      "Free or paid" isn't the point at all, here. What matters is the ability to own your own business, control it yourself, and build a list.

      Good, safe, reliable, professional, (advertising-free) hosting is available here and in one or two other places (such as Weebly, Yola, Blinkweb and so on) without resorting to Squidoo and Hub-Pages which you neither own nor control.
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    I dont understand why people are so reluctant to get a website. You can find a hosting company that charges less than 5$ a month(probably not the greatest). A domain name will cost you around 10$.

    The other thing you need to take into consideration is: why should a customer be serious about buying your product if you are not serious about having a website.

    I might be comming off as an a-hole, but im not trying to. If I am going to buy A product I would not feel comfortable buying it off of a hub or a youtube channel. I want to see a website with contact info and more information about the product.
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    Hi Pro-Backing-Tracks,
    Although I would suggest you to create a proper(that will prove very beneficial for you in the long run),there are a few tools like "Easy Video Player" that allow you to embed optin forms and payments button inside the videos.Then you can upload these videos to video sharing sites like Youtube and any other site you want.

    Yes,putting your subscription form in a video that is getting high no. of views can get you a lot of optins but I don't see any point in putting "buy now" buttons inside the Youtube videos.Direct selling with Youtube traffic simply doesn't work.

    So what I would advise you to do is capture leads through your videos,create a follow up presell sequence and then promote whatever you want.Then you'll not even need to create a website as you can promote any no. of affiliate products to your list.
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    You do not need a website to sell your products on clickbank, because click bank has done the work for you all you need to do is to register and follow their instructions.
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    A website would always be better.. if you are good at video creation, i will tell you exactly what to do..

    Do some keyword research and look for a a keyword related to the product you want to promote.

    Get a domain name with the keyword in it.

    Get a basic hosting package and install a basic wordpress blog with some seo plugins.

    Write some articles(around 5) and publish them to your blog.

    On the home page of your blog post the review of the product you are promoting.

    Create a nice professional looking video related to the market, adding the name of your website at the start and the end of the video.

    Upload your videos to as many tube sites as possible.

    Add the link to your website in the description box of your video.

    Now you are good to go..
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    Just a heads up,

    YouTube = social engine = not likely to generate many sales.
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    no you don't. I suggest you to create a squidoo and highlight your keywords and so some seo for it.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    It can work to sell a CB product on you tube. There is a special way to go about it. Completely different traffic source like someone pointed out above. Doesn't mean that they don't want to buy though. Just need to know how to market to them. Sean Donahoe, a fellow warrior, just came out with a new course called video marketing goldmine that teaches you how to sell CPA and CB products on you tube. Great course. There is a method to it.

    With videos, it seems like the more that you can put out there, the more chance you have of getting sales. Even if each video gets a small number of views, they will still make a sale here and there. Will it be a pot of gold? no. Not at first. Not until you get some traction.

    The warriors up above gave some good advice though, you need that site, and to build a list from vid that way you will always be able to remarket to those opt-ins from you tube.

    Don't be intimidated. Just takes a bit of planning. Get optimize press to create squeeze pages. It's easy.

    Good Luck.
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