ezine articles denied to publish my article

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Hi guys,

A week ago I received a message from ezine articles saying that it will not publish my article. I got the following message: "Your article does not include enough original and informative content."

I personally wrote the article and it was the original content but I guess it was not at the standard ezine requires. I read somewhere that ezine articles raised the quality of articles it accepts now because google devalued content on ezine articles lately.

Anyone else had the same problem?
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    Don't take it personally. Read their FAQs to find out what you could improve. Then revise the article and submit again.

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    Haven't had any problems with it. Actually, I'm glad they've finally hiked up their standards. Should have been done a long time ago. Any articles you submit are going to have to contain great quality and original content.
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    It could very well be your English is not quite up to a standard that EZA is now requiring. Looking at the thread title:

    ezine articles denied to publish my article

    Should be

    EzineArticles declined to publish my article

    These days, a little issue like that may result in a rejection.
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      Thanks! English is not my native language and I am very well aware of that. Guess I'll need to improve myself
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        Much of the time when they give that for the reason, it's because you've said the same thing in your article that is already on their site in other people's articles. This is going to happen in any topic that they have a lot of content on, so you need to come up with a really unique twist in the more competitive niches.
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    I wrote a 1000-word article which is 100% original.

    It wasn't a rewrite.

    It was 100% original because all ideas came from my head.

    It was a review of a software that I like very much.

    And this is how EZA responds to me.


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