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Can you buy an email list from anywhere?. I have never come across it anywhere, but saying that I have only been having a go at this for a couple of months. Does anybody know of anywhere I could purchase one from. Do some people let you send an email to there list for a fee?.
I have been looking into building one, but I would be interested in buying one to get me started.

Any tips and advice would be much appreciated Thank you Rob.
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    You should try to buy Solo Ad instead inside an other e-mail list. Easier way to start your.

    Benoit Tremblay

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    Originally Posted by BeachDude View Post

    Google Email List Brokers.
    have you had any luck with any email list brokers found through google

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    There's a lot of email list brokers out there, but I'd be careful. I've seen some of them attempt to sell niche lists with extraordinary amounts of emails, only to find out 95% of send outs don't even reach an inbox.
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      I doubt that a list owner with a responsive list will sell their list to you...To get a good list, you would probably have to spend millions...

      I agree with the other WF member...purchase solo ads from marketers with big lists. It might cost you $300 to $500 an ad, but it will be worth the traffic that you will get.

      Jon McNeil

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        Unless you have had some experience, it is not recommended for you to buy a list. Most major email providers require imported leads to confirm, of which a small percentage actually do.

        What I have found to build lists quickly is to use ezine solo ads. There are quite a few sources in the JV forum. You can also check out I use it quite often to test new ideas. You earn ad credits by reading other subscriber's solo ads, and they also have a paid option to send out ads to 3,000 subscribers for $25.
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    Honestly, it's really not worth much of an investment.

    You might spend a lot of money and find out that the list is
    all old, or not active, or no longer interested, etc.

    Your best bet is to Build an Email list all from Scratch.

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