One month Challenge (Will complete no matter what)

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OK here it is.... I've spent way to much time reading forums like this and not enough time trying out ideas, testing them and ultimately making money.

For the next 30 days I want to spend at least a couple of hours actively trying to make money. My first/primary goal is just to make $1 from Internet marketing. Hopefully in a month this thread will have some good insights for other Internet marketing newbies when they are starting their journey to making money online.

Goals for Day 1

  • Brainstorm some idea's for making money
  • Select the best/most interesting idea and find the areas that will need to be researched for it
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    1) There are no good or bad ideas - Anything can work if you work it properly.
    2) Write down a daily plan and stick to it
    3) You're gonna need content, so get writing or outsource
    4) Build something of QUALITY

    Quality isn't anything, it's everything
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    If you want, you can make a $1 today.

    There are lots of people here on the forum who need things done and will pay you today to do them.

    These things include:
    Article writing and content creation
    graphics work i.e. ebook covers, logos, etc
    social bookmarking (I need help with this, if interested email me:
    making squeeze pages
    video creation
    technical stuff like hosting, worpress, php, etc

    What are you good at?
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    If you decide to go with Adsense to earn that first $, then look at the more popular, and higher paying keywords to target.

    I've had clicks of up to $2.50 in the credit niche, and fitness has brought in about $2 with 6 clicks.

    Earning that first $ with Adsense can be tough, but once you figure out how to pick the right keywords that draw traffic, then it's just a numbers game. I look at the Google Keyword tool to find a bunch of keywords for the niche that I'm targeting. Then, I enter each one in Google (surrounded by quotes "") to see the number of competing sites. The keywords with more searches showing in the keyword tool, and lower competing sites, have shown to draw a lot of traffic for me. This is a model that many others use too, so try it and you may find it rewarding.

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    Spent more than on this forum and get your foundation right !
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    - I always found that having a goal is very important and make sure you always have a deadline on your goal and stick to it. After you reach the deadline, evaluate how you did to draw conclusions to see what can and/or needs to be improved.
    - When you think of something, write it down so you don't forget it later.
    - Make a to do list and cross things off as you go. You will see your progress and keep track of what's left to do.
    - When you work with people, always, always communicate well. I know it's easier said than done. But if you plan on doing something, or did something or anything changed, let everybody involved in the project know about it so there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page.
    - Make sure you get some rest! I used to work 14 hour days and trust me, no money in the world is worth your mental and physical health. I don't say work little, just make sure you rest and eat, your body needs it to function properly!

    I hope some of those point will help you (and maybe others) some.

    Good luck and have fun doing whatever you're doing!
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    Garrett Aren - Writing a plan is a good idea, sticking to it is the hard part . Defiantly agree with you on the importance of a quality product.

    nick1123 - Some Good idea's but I am going to try and create a product myself and sell it rather than work for other people.

    Bishop81 - People don't seem to mention Adsense as much these days but I am going to look into some of this stuff.

    lstoops - Thanks.

    WinsonYeung - Will do. But don't want to spend to much time forumsurfing.

    puzon23- Some great stuff here. Getting things done and not procrastinating has never been my strong point but will try some of this stuff out.

    ste25 - Interesting way of looking at it.

    Day 1

    Spent an hour coming up with about 30 different products to create. About 3 of them really appeal to me and look like I will have fun making.

    I am going to start off by making/selling an ebook. I will go into more detail about what it is tomorrow. Not really that concerned about selling it. I just want to try some things out and get used to opt-ins, landing pages etc.. before I start work on the products I am really interested in.

    Also I don't want to spend the entire month just creating ebooks and selling them. That would be very boring. I want to try out as many different things as I can to get a feel for what I like or don't like. Some stuff I want to try out includes: Blogging, Adsense, creating/selling video products, random SEO stuff.

    Goals for Day 2
    • Register domain name
    • Get a subscription for Aweber or equivalent
    • Create a landing page
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