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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and new to internet marketing. I have a full-time professional job in the healthcare field and want to either supplement or replace my income through entrepreneurship online. I'm eager to learn but it seems like there are a million different ideas and opportunities to choose from. In your opinion what has been the most legitimate and best way to successfully learn about IM? What has worked for you? Thanks.
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    Literally the best thing is to just get stuck in the first place you're interested. There's tons of viable methods, and which one you pick is pretty irrelevant. It's just a matter of getting stuck in and doing it.

    Though, building a squeeze page, list & selling some affiliate products would definitely not be time wasted.

    Hope that helps,

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    Writing contents for the websites and Internet Marketing may be the best option for you.
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    Welcome frazcr,

    How to start?
    Read to learn and remember to Think for yourself.
    • Think for yourself, the majority of people do *not* make it big.
    • The vast majority of people also follow trends, and don't actually pursue original ideas.
    Coincidence or cause and effect?

    Every Day Is Fun! :)

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    Welcome to the warrior forum Fazcr! You have definitely come to the right place to learn this business. From my experience, I will try to outline the do's and the don'ts of this business so you can build the right foundation in no time.


    Fist of all, you need the right mindset for this. If you want to make ANY money online, you need to realize that you are embarking on a new business venture. As long as you realize that this is a business and not some "make money easy with push button software", you will strive harder to make it work.

    Secondly, asking questions is very important and NO question is a dumb question. When you ask a question and learn from it, every new question becomes more refined and things start to make sense.

    You will need to have certain skills in order to be successful here. One of them is learning how to create a simple squeeze page.

    Once you learn how to do that, you need to figure out which niche you want to affiliate yourself with and ALWAYS think of the value you can provide someone else. DO NOT think about how much money you can make off of people because you will fail. Put yourself in your prospects shoes and DO NOT try and sell something on your squeeze page right off the bat. Your primary goal is to build a list of people that you can market to later on over and over.

    You build their trust by giving away a free gift in order to get their e-mail Something of good value to help people solve a problem.

    The 3 things you will need to invest in will be:

    1. A domain name ($10-$12 /yr) example (Domain Names, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates - Go Daddy ,Cheap Domain Names Registration, Domain Transfer, Free SSL Certificates, Free DNS, Privacy Protection • are good ones
    2 Hosting account ($4-$8 /mo) (Domain Names, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates - Go Daddy, Web Hosting Services, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers by HostGator)
    3. An autoresponder ($20/mo approx for a good one) Email Marketing Software, Email Marketing Newsletters & Autoresponders by AWeber (Probably on of the best to set one up.

    Now, keep asking questions on this forum because you will learn that way.

    Here is what You want to avoid:


    Let’s discuss the “Don’t's, mistakes and warnings” which most Internet Marketers make.

    Success leaves clues…. and so does failure… and with the fact that about 93% of all Internet Marketers never make money, it’s a good idea to learn what they are doing, and how to avoid doing the same thing!

    Here are just some of the key points that contribute to lack of success with most Internet marketers…

    They come from a non-marketing/sales background, hear how “quick and easy” it is to make money and start with very little knowledge, education or experience and wonder why they are not receiving the big fat cheques as “promised”.

    They do the minimum. They might buy some Internet marketing courses and follow the steps, such as do a blog post or use Facebook or Twitter, or Make some Youtube videos, or Email their subscribers…. but the thing they don’t do is, follow Marketing, persuasion or sales 101 techniques to get the visitor or subscriber to take action. So they might be “doing the work” but it’s of “average” quality, so their results are “average”. And with 93% of Internet marketers never making money, the “average” is losing money, not making it. There is nothing in their content which is creative or stands out as a “wow factor”. It’s just usual boring every day content.

    They get lazy and wait for it to all happen. They think once they have created their squeeze page, created a “hot” product that people will flock to their site, so they sit back ready to see their stats go crazy, instead they are the only ones going crazy.
    Or they do the opposite and try to do and be an expert in every area of Internet Marketing and get overwhelmed and just spin the wheels. They think, OK, I need to learn web site development skills, PPC strategies, social media, do some video marketing, email their list once a month because they never get around to doing it as regularly as they know they should, ooops, then there is customer support, product creation and article writing…. ahhhh Had enough! How can anyone do all this stuff, Internet marketing is hard…. so they almost explode with information overload, overwhelm and total frustration.

    They go all gung-ho and start 4 or 5 websites at one time, spending weeks if not months getting them all set up, meanwhile they have not much of a list for any, let alone a sale!
    They try to learn every skill themselves rather than taking “work smarter” route by outsourcing tasks which they really don’t need to do themselves, so they end up taking the “work harder” path (usually because they are stubborn or control freaks, like me ). This is a much slower path to success (if success ever comes). In fact, if you are doing everything yourself, the chances of success are almost zero to be honest. It’s like the self employed restaurant owner trying to do every task themselves. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to do that, then do the marketing to actually get visitors and customers in the door, so you end up spending 99.9% of your time maintaining your business rather than growing it.

    They don’t learn essential marketing, persuasive and sales skills to give their marketing and sales messages the punch they need to get their visitors, subscribers and customers to take action – especially the biggest action of all and that is to get them to take out their credit card. Getting someone to subscribe for a free ebook is not that difficult, but getting someone to give you their money takes more persuasion.

    They don’t generate enough momentum with any marketing strategy they apply. They may do all types of marketing (social, viral, email, video, blogging, ppc etc), but it’s like they are simply testing the water… they never roll any of the strategies or techniques on a grand scale to generate the momentum required for huge success.
    They fail to test and tweak according to results. They generally don’t know what element is affecting their conversion rates, and which elements to test or change to improve their stats, they simply change or test (if any) blindly.
    They don’t have a plan or system for success, they simply “try stuff” that they come across or think of. It’s like they are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a little boat drifting in all directions that the sea dictates and from time to time they paddle hard in a direction (not really planning if it is the correct direction to paddle), then they get worn out, give up for a while then try again later.

    I hope these 10 “things to watch out for” help you in your journey for success online. There are of course many more mistakes/errors/things that people do which impede their chances of success online, but these are 10 of the most common and biggest areas that stop people from succeeding online.

    Hope this helps
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    Originally Posted by frazcr View Post

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and new to internet marketing. I have a full-time professional job in the healthcare field and want to either supplement or replace my income through entrepreneurship online. I'm eager to learn but it seems like there are a million different ideas and opportunities to choose from. In your opinion what has been the most legitimate and best way to successfully learn about IM? What has worked for you? Thanks.
    Entreprenuership is the same be it online or offline.

    Marketing is marketing. Internet marketing is just ways of advertising your business online per say.

    Anyway, ask yourself this question - if the internet didn't exist and you were going to start up a store or shop on main street, what product or service would be your expertise?

    Take that, and explore the online possibilities with it.

    Take for example a Spa. So, there are lots of spa related things online, and possibly lots of virtual stores you could entertain starting online - to promote spa products, offline spas, or even your own recipe book of how to do a home spa.

    So take that, make a site, and go marketing.

    Depending on what niche or area, you can research how others do what you want to do and follow in their foot prints.

    For example, one type of product may be best sold through an affiliate program, while another model might work best as an amazon style site.

    Spend some time reading, decide a niche you'd like to pursue, and figure out the best way to monetize on it.

    Only then at that point should you maybe invest in courses that specialize in giving you the information you will need for your business. This can save you tons of time jumping from opportunity to opportunity.

    Welcome to the forum.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Look to see what others are doing online so you'll have some ideas and business models that appeal to you.I don’t believe in easy money unless you are exceptionally Some make thousands of dollars by their second or third month, there are also those who start make a few dollars a month with AdSense and build slowly. You can also start with article marketing.
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  • Hi Frazcr. You're most likely a niche expert in specialized areas of
    healthcare. What you can do is:

    I. Market Research

    Identify groups of people with specific needs and problems relevant to
    your expertise...

    Pinpoint sub groups of people who prefer to search and purchase solutions
    to their needs and problems on the Internet...

    Determine their specific needs and problems that you can help them solve
    with free and paid solutions...

    Identify existing solutions and lacking benefits you can add to those
    solutions. Added benefits can be free supplemental content, such as an
    ebook or video course bundled with the product, more convenient and
    secure online purchasing options, more convenient delivery options and so

    II. Product Development

    Develop your solution packages with added benefits not found elsewhere.
    Your aim is to satisfy the needs and solve the problems of your target
    market about the specialized areas you have expertise in. Otherwise:

    Pinpoint existing solutions beneficial for your target market, determine
    those offering affiliate programs, then add supplemental benefits not found
    in those affiliate products...

    Develop a website where your target market can conveniently view
    content useful for their relevant needs and problems...

    Develop offline materials providing beneficial content to your target

    Your online and offline content should be aimed at providing your specific
    target audience with benefits not found elsewhere...

    Your offline and online content - "online", for both onsite and offsite
    purposes - should be developed in your own unique
    style and packaged in your own unique ways...

    Incorporate into your content your own relevant set of observations,
    inferences, actual experience, test results, theories, opinions and

    Offer your free and paid solutions on your website and in offline places
    where your target market expects to find beneficial solutions to their
    relevant needs and problems...

    Integrate into your website a mailing list sign up box where your target
    market can sign up to your mailing list and get supplemental content
    beneficial for them...

    III. Business and Product Marketing

    Go to contextually relevant offline and online places where your target
    market regularly hangs out...

    Participate in contextually relevant discussions in those online and offline
    places by contributing useful info, advice and content yet to be mentioned
    in those contextually relevant discussions...

    Build mutually beneficial relationships with your target market in those
    online and offline places...

    Build mutually beneficial partnerships with other niche experts and
    conceptualize mutually beneficial joint venture deals with them...

    IV. Expected Output

    A profitable business.

    Watch My 1st 3D Printed AI Eyeglasses for the Blind in Action:
    — It's an Open Source, Do-It-Yourself Device That Anyone Can Build, Customize, Brand & Distribute —

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    Goto to Youtube and search for market samurai videos. So far, its the most comprehensive tips for online marketing available for free.
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    Hello to every one, i am also new at here..
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    We have alot in common.
    I, too, am new to IM and working fulltime in the healthcare field.
    I started on article marketing - promoting Clickbank products. It's fairly easy to do and requires little investment. I don't expect to get rich from it soon as I am still in the learning phase. But hopefully months or a few years from now I can make a full time living in IM.
    Best of luck to you.

    Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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    yes... its all a learning process you have to find an area in IM that you like to go (article marketing, solo ads etc) and stick to it ..perfect it

    No affiliate links in signatures

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    Hi everyone , I am Steven and am here for finding some latest information about internet marketing that will increase my arsenal of my brain. Hope while doing so I will have some friends here. Anyways take care everyone , hoping to have a great time here.
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    you just need to spend some time at first to educate yourself with network marketing to be more special than all the millions of people who are working online, then you can easily start to make your own business online and be successful ..
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