How do i block Spam Bots from attacking my Word Press Blogs

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I have had a couple of blogs designed and each time i finished it up and upload,i realize i get so many blog comment responses on my blog saying all kinds of rubbish on my blog,taking a close look i realize most of them are automated spam bots,seriously these are really annoying, how do i add spam captcha to my wp blog so i can make sure only humans are posting comments on my blog
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    There is plugins that you can install to avoid this kind of comments. Go to the plugin > Ad new and search for Captcha. You get a lot of matches to choose from.

    Don't forget to activate your Askimet plugin as well.
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    A other good idea is putting Facebook Comments. It is very rare to get spammed from someone on Facebook.

    Benoit Tremblay

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      Originally Posted by BenoitT View Post

      A other good idea is putting Facebook Comments. It is very rare to get spammed from someone on Facebook.
      I have facebook comments plugin added, but i still get spamed, of course not like when i had the base commenting system of wordpress.
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    Or just turn comments off altogether if the site isn't a community.
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    Akismet is the best for sure. Also captcha would help, but turning off comments is the best way
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    Akismet would be your best choice. It automatically detects spam
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    Yep, I do stuff that others have already mentioned - every WP site I activate Akismet and turn off trackbacks/comments (Unless I want comments, then I do Disqus/Facebook or something else similar usually) - and I have no spam to worry about

    Out of the box, without tweaking any of these settings, WP is like a magnet for spammers

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    The best plugin for this is Conditional Captcha - I do not have any Spam comments on my blogs at all.
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    Don't block me, all I want is a backlink *sobs uncontrollably*
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    One of my website was attacked by Spammers and I used Akismet and since then its all Good.. i Recommend you Akismet

    No Links

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    Akismet never failed me, I recommend it and it is free.

    I personally have an intense hatred for captchas and I am saying that as an user not a marketer. Having to deal with captchas is one of my pet peeves.
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    isnt Akismet $5/month for affiliate sites?
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      Akismet is enough to keep most spam away. I don't use any captcha plugin because it discourages reader comments.

      I have used the Bad Behavior plugin before but sometimes it blocks my own IP.
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      Originally Posted by Shounak Gupte View Post

      isnt Akismet $5/month for affiliate sites?
      I think you are right, but I don't exactly remember their terms. I see my blog as a personal site.

      Though what I do remember is that you pay for the API key and can use it on multiple sites.

      Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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    What you can do is turn off the comment section for a while. Go log into your wordpress and on the dashboard go all the way down to "settings." Click the "discussion" setting and untick every single box. You can activate the comment section once again by placing ticks in the boxes. I hope that helps.
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    You could try Akismet as what other Warriors have suggested here...It works for me.
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    I have a post about 3 must have WordPress plugins that stop blog spam. In tandem, I have found these to be almost 100% effective in stopping automated spam.

    A couple are already mentioned in the thread. But the 3rd, NoSpamNX, is the key. Extremely effective at targeting automated spam.

    All 3 plugins are free.
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    My suggestion would be:
    If these are new sites -it is expected that there is no active viewers for those blogs yet and people getting you comments on these sites would only mean -SPAM. Turn OFF the comments option on this case.
    If you have been growing viewership after months you can enable comments and install AKISMET instead -it'll save you from a lot of headache.
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