Free video editor works with most formats... Able to edit cell phone video & Convert to other formats

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Here is a free video editor ... Avidemux designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks

Avidemux is mainly used for cutting, filtering and encoding videos.

It works quite well with several video formats, including AVI, WMV and MPEG.

It can also output edited videos in many formats.

You can add various filters to your videos.

These can adjust color and contrast.

They can add some simple special effects.

If you have programming knowledge, you can even create your own filters.

But a good selection of filters is included in the program.

One of Avidemux’s more attractive features is support for 3GP files.

This is a video format used in cell phones.

Most video-capable cell phones use it.

These phones can act as cameras anywhere.

But sharing the video is difficult.

Few applications and devices support the 3GP format.

With Avidemux, you can edit 3GP video.

You also can convert it to AVI, MPEG or other formats.

This will let you share those videos with ease.

E-mail them to others, or upload them to YouTube.

Here is the link for the download page ... plus additional information on its operation

PS … If this is helped you … Please leave a Thanks for me ... and Post a comment.

Best regards … Ron
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    Nice resource. Coincidently, I recently posted that videos should be edited on this thread:
    I hope many folk use this software and relieve us of having to watch 1 hour of amateur video which could have been presented in 10 minutes.
    "...If at first you don't succeed; call it Version 1.0"
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    Greetings Just Visiting,

    This software is very handy and does a wonderful job on many different formats.

    One I like the best is taking videos created on cell phones .................................................. .............. Editing them and then changing them to other formats ... that you can send to others by email.

    All the best ... Ron
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    Ahhhh, good old 3gp files, that brings back some memories :-)

    I used to work with FCP back in the day too editing shorts and what not, I understand the value of good video editing suites and this free one looks pretty cool for saying it is FREE!

    I still use FCP when I can but as I now have windows based machines and not macs (at the moment) I have to make do with Adobe Premier (not that that is a bad thing lol, adobe premier is still a very decent editor in its own right).

    Anyway, to those of you looking for some good editing software for your videos, Ron has found a gem for you here.

    Hit that "Thanks" button for Ron people ;-)

    All the best,

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    I invested on some crap out there but this free software works better that paid one.

    Thanks Ron
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    Nice share... Thanks. I'm going to try it
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    Thnaks mate for the link have you edited any video using this.
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