What's The Best Free Headline Generator Software?

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Hi Everybody,

Some of my customers have asked me to provide
info to them of good Headline Generators.

Anybody here know of really good Headline Generators?

I'd prefer to give Free resources, so anybody know of any?

Thank You.
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    Here's a good one Free Header Graphic Software Download Page | XHeader

    ooops sorry, i thought I say "headers"...:/
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    A swipe file and the gray matter between my ears.

    If you search on the Warrior Forum, in the Copywriting section, you will find a treasure chest of headline starters and ideas. I pull these out almost daily when I start writing to stir my ideas before I start writing headlines.

    I cannot imagine a program generating quality headlines.

    I'd suggest you put together a swipe file for them and send it to them. Michael Oksa has a really good list in one of his posts in the copywriting section.
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    I haven't seen one good one yet and it's not likely that one will be developed anytime soon. In my experience they all generate one dimentional, unimaginative crap. But hey, I'm a writer so I guess I'm supposed to feel that way. :rolleyes:
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