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Can anyone riddle me this. I have a pdf which I branded with an affiliates links. I sent it to him and he included it in an online newsletter.
However, if you click the link in his newsletter for this report and open the pdf in a web browser, the links in it do not go to the affiliate page I set up for him - they go to the normal, main sales page for the product it promotes. Yet, if you right click the link in the newsletter and download the report to your computer then read it, the links do do to his affiliate link! How can the same links in a pdf behave differently depending on whether the doc is opened in a browser or downloaded? Can anyone explain?
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    It depends on how the linking in the PDF file was set up, so it's a difficult question to answer without actually looking at the PDF file.
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      I made the report in open office so say it said "click HERE" I have then highlighted the word "HERE", clicked the hyperlink button at the top then, with the web button checked, pasted the web address I want it to go to in the target field.

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    It sounds like the affiliate page automatically redirects to the main page. This can be because the system producing the affiliate link has designed it that way because displaying the affiliate link in the address bar does put off a large proportion of potential buyers.
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    I've never seen this happen other than when someone created a pdf and didn't
    clear their browser's cache before re-opening a pdf online.

    Maybe you should clear your cache and go through the motions again to see if
    the problem still exists? If you've opened the pdf prior this could be the problem and
    the solution.

    Hope that helps,
    Have a Great Day!
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    I'm with Michael on this one.
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