Setting Up A New Podcast FAST! How To - Don't be like me and do it from scratch =(

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Hey Warriors,

I just got done setting my first Podcast, and it took a looong time to figure out everything, so I figured I'd share how I did it with anyone that is interested to save you the time and trouble of figuring it all out on your own.

If you've got any tips of how I could improve mine that'd be appreciated too ;-)

Obviously you need an audio file (mp3) for Podcasts, so create that first and upload it to your website. If you don't have an audio you can just read an article or pull the audio out of one of your videos for a quick 2-3 min podcast episode.

To set up everything and get your Podcast running here are the steps I took:

STEP #1: Create a new Wordpress blog

I'm sure there are other ways to do this but I created a new Wordpress blog on my site. You can just put it under the directory

STEP #2: Post Your First Episode on your new WP Installation

Login to your WP backend and hit "new post"

Put the title of that episode in as the title of the post and as the body put a short description of the episode (I think mine were less than 100 words). At the end of your description write "Listen Here" and hyperlink that text to your mp3 file.

STEP #3: Create your Podcast Feed

Now head to and burn a new feed. Type in your new wordpress Rss feed into the box (it will look something like this: http://

Be sure to check the box "I am a Podcaster" and click NEXT

Insert your Podcast name in the Feed Title box and put something short and lowercase in "Feed Address" which will be your feed URL. Hit NEXT

Your new feed will be named http://

STEP #4: Configure Your Feed for Podcasting

Hit the NEXT button again on the feedburner site and you'll be taken to the configure page.

Leave the checkboxes and dropdown box as is and fill in all your podcast information. This includes your image (I just made a 144x144 pixel image with my URL name on it for this), subtitle, summary, keywords, and your email address.

Then you can add copyright and author name in at the bottom if you choose.

Hit NEXT and check any additional boxes that you want feedburner to keep track of. I think I checked them all.

STEP #5: Submit your Podcast FEED to all the different Podcast directories.

Remember, you're submitting the FEED (http:// in all the Podcast directories.

This is really awesome too because to add a new episode all you have to do is add a new post on your Podcast WP installation and it will automagically update on the Podcast directories.

I submitted mine to these sites so far:
1. Itunes - you need to have Itunes installed before you click the next link:
2. Blackberry - Login
3. Podcast Alley
4. Podcast Pickle (weird name,good PR) - need at least 5 episodes with this one
5. Digital Podcast

If you have others please share, I'm just getting into this so I'm not sure where's best yet =)


Anyway, not sure if this will be all that helpful, but hopefully it will save at least 1 person a few hours of time and frustration trying to figure this whole thing out from scratch.
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    what about equipment and setup?
    ★★★★★ My Buddy, Your Buddy, TWEET BUDDY! ★★★★★

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      Originally Posted by theturd View Post

      what about equipment and setup?
      I'm just using a cheap USB Plantronics headset and Wavepad (Audacity is a free program too)
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        I'm new at the podcasting game, too. Do I need a website, or some place to host the audio file? For my first try at this I used audacity to create an MP3 file. The first place I went to was There I simply uploaded my MP3 file that I had on my hard drive (along with some other info). However, most of the other podcasting sites are asking for some type of website or RSS feed. Is Podbean the only one where you can simply upload your MP3 file?
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    Audacity is a free programme,
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