Newbies: Screw Making A Front End Sale... Believe In The Back End

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I'm going to make this short and to the point...

All this crap about the money being in the list - well... it's true. The money really is in the list... just believe that. This is a fact that you must embrace right now.

So... don't blow this off. You don't want to start implementing advice that you are receiving today 5 months from now. Who knows, in 5 months - you can already be on your way to having a list of a few 1,000 or more subscribers that are putting money in your pocket.

Assuming that you actually take my advice... This is what you need to do

First things first. You Don't Need A Huge List To Make A Ton Of Money!

Don't get wrapped up
into thinking that you need 50,000 people on your list to make tons of money. I mean, if you have a list of 500 people in your niche - and you are, "rubbing the right way" you can make a fortune.

I know this to be true because I don't have a huge list - and I am able to make tons of money from a tiny list.

Here's a plan for you... this is simple and effective - it requires a very small investment...

1. Find a niche that offers cheap clicks - preferably less than 20 cents.

2. Create a squeeze page (make sure that you choose a niche that it makes sense to build a list in). If you don't have the ability to create a simple squeeze page - it's time for you to start taking your business a little more seriously.

3. Oh... make sure the niche that you choose is competitive. And, yes, you can get cheap clicks in competitive niches - learn how to do keyword research... it's not that hard. Just focus on 2-4 word key terms.

4. Obviously, you need to have an Adwords (PPC) account because I am suggesting that you buy your traffic. Don't freak out though - if you can get 20 cent clicks... why not spend $100 to build a list?

Yahoo and MSN also have PPC services... just in case you didn't know that.

5. Now... you can get into web 2.0 stuff if you want. Just understand that paid traffic will come much faster. And, I suggest that you learn how to pick winning keywords - otherwise, you will waste a lot of time with web 2.0.

Now... you know what you need - so get started

Forget about making a front end sale... train your mind to believe that the front end is your enemy. When you gain more experience - then you may want to consider how to make a solid front end offer.

Now... all that you have to do is get out there and drive traffic to your squeeze page. Offer something free in exchange for the optin.

Then, start emailing them stuff that they may be interested in buying. I guarantee you that many of your subscribers will eventually buy something - more than once.

Do this over and over again

If you are wondering why this is such a simple and basic formula- well... why would I over-complicate things. It really is that simple.

You don't need anyone else but yourself to pull this off.

Just make sure that you are reinvesting your profits into your marketing.
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    Sound advice! Well done.

    Just make sure when building a list that you've got time to devote to their's not always possible to fully automate relationship building (and relationship building is the key to getting sales!)

    After all, I'd rather buy something my brother is selling to me than a guy who knocks on my door or calls my home phone from a call center...

    ...catch my drift?
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    • Profile picture of the author marcanthony
      I do catch your drift...

      And here's my relationship building advice to everyone...

      You (yes, all of you) are only as good as your offer.

      I don't care how much you (all of you) believe that people buy people. The only time that is true is when you are buying from someone who has a reputation for having great offers.

      People buy offers - and they buy from people that are supported by great offers.

      If your offer sucks... you suck. Myself included!
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Lockwood
    Eh? By definition, you can't make a back end sale until the customer buys the front end product.
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    • Profile picture of the author marcanthony
      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      Eh? By definition, you can't make a back end sale until the customer buys the front end product.
      Eh? You are absolutely wrong...

      Here's the definition from Wikipedia:

      Front-end and back-end are generalized terms that refer to the initial and the end stages of a process. The front-end is responsible for collecting input in various forms from the user and processing it to conform to a specification the back-end can use. The front-end is a kind of interface between the user and the back-end.

      You can Google the term Front End if you like...

      From my research - I have yet to see your definition anywhere.

      Take Care


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    Good post marc.

    Any tips for getting a list to be more responsive? In one of my niches I have less than 400 subscribers (which I realize isn't a lot) but they don't seem to latch on to many offers.

    In case you are wondering, no I don't 'pitch' to them in every broadcast, I offer a lot of free material. (Including the free report they opted in for)

    Any tips?
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    • Profile picture of the author marcanthony
      Originally Posted by Slade556 View Post

      Good post marc.

      Any tips for getting a list to be more responsive? In one of my niches I have less than 400 subscribers (which I realize isn't a lot) but they don't seem to latch on to many offers.
      Any tips?
      Everyone will have a different answer for your question - I'm sure.

      I've noticed with all of my lists (excluding my make money online list), that the more exclusive that I make my prospects feel... the more responsive the list is.

      For example:

      One of my offers in the dating niche directs all of my optins to a password protected blog where they gain free access to private information.

      In fact, the blog that I'm mentioning gets so many comments that it's turned into a mini forum. Everyone interacts with each other... It's like it's own secret society.

      Ever since I implemented the use the password protected blog that's exclusive to my dating list... I noticed that my sales conversions when through the roof on the offers that I email them.

      In fact, when my dating list only had 250 subscribers - I sent them an email that brought in close to $6,000. But, I have a special technique that I use to do that.

      I'm working on a similar strategy for my make money online list... I'm presently in the process of making a video blog that I have a few ideas for.
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  • Profile picture of the author Eric Transue
    Nice post Marc.

    I just created my squeeze page today with my free product. I've known how important the list was for a while, it just took me a swift kick to get it implemented.

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