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HI Guys,

am in the process of setting up a membership site for local business
and need to find out how i can have a downloadable printable voucher for each business.
Is there companies that do this, or is there any software i can use. I need to make this secure and limit the amount of vouchers that they can download.

I would be grateful if any one knows how to do this or has been through the process of implimenting the idea,

Jack Luca
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    I use VoucherPress – a Wordpress plugin for creating downloadable, printable vouchers - on one site. It's a plugin for wordpress so not sure if that helps or not since you didn't mention what platform you're using to build this site.

    It's really easy to setup and use.
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      HI Gail,

      thanks alot for the reply as this has become a headache for us.
      We're using easy member pro so we wouldn't be able to use this i dont think or would we?
      Could we intergrate this into the site.
      Do you have any more ideas if we can't use the plugin
      Easy member pro is not on a wordpress platform

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    There is a way.

    Since you basically link to the voucher, you could install wordpress in a sub-folder somewhere on the site and create the vouchers there. You would need to make sure that the directory wasn't protected by your membership script.

    It would just take up a little more server space and you would have to login there to view voucher stats or download collected emails if you enable that option.

    If you can't find any other way, it could be a workaround for you.

    You can see an example here (in the sidebar)
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      i kinda know what you mean, but bit unsure too.

      so would i do a complete wordpress install in a folder then add the plugin. then navigate to the folder to login

      kind regards

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    Yep, that's pretty much it.

    You would then just place links wherever you wanted them to the vouchers or do what I did and make an image and link those.

    If you have another wordpress site, you could install it there to check it out first but I think it will do everything you want.
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      Gail I have a question...,

      I am siting here with maryjane my gf and we wondered if you could possibly help us.
      I am nervous of taking the site down if wordpress didn't intergrate properly.

      We are on a deadline and would appreciate your help.


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    You aren't actually integrating anything. As long as your wordpress installation directory is at the same level or above your protected membership area.

    Your site will probably be like

    if you added

    These two wouldn't interfere with each other at all

    would cause a problem because the blog directory is being protected by the membership script.

    If you still aren't comfortable trying this, I could help you. I'm about to leave right now though so it would be later this evening.
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      thanks Gail,

      have a good evening and if i get stuck i will give you a shout..

      I'm on uk time here so it 8pm, so i won't bother you later as i will be asleep:p.

      are you on eastern time or western ? then i know what time is best to contact you

      catch you tomorrow

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    Hey Gail,

    we installed wordpress and deleted everything... only joking hehe, its all working ok and we have installed the plugin too.
    If we have any questions i will give you a shout

    thanks again
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    LOL, that's hilarious! I bet you did have your fingers crossed there for a bit though.

    I'm back now so lmk if you need any help. I'm on central time U.S.
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      Hi Gail,

      i'm glad i made you laugh, its gd to have fun huh

      well... installed ok, i have a few questions in you don't mind

      1. is there any way to print the vouchers abit smaller (a setting)
      2. Would i set up a page in my membership with links to vouchers then the user would receive email?
      3. bit confused how you import your own voucher- do you design it in photshop for instance?
      4 Also when the user get the email it says (from wordpress) rather than my company name- how do i change that?

      i'm sure i have more questions but i just can't think.
      Thanks alot for helping me, by the way... over and out captain!!

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    If you aren't laughing, you aren't living.

    Ok, a few answers

    1. There's no setting that I know of but someone could probably crawl through the code located in the wordpress plugins folder /plugins/voucherpress if they knew what they're doing. I don't think I would try it though. I had a quick look through it, and it's pretty much jibberish. Depending on your budget, you might hire a coder to take a look.

    2. You can place links to these vouchers anywhere you want. In or out of your members area. Once you create your voucher, just go to your vouchers in the admin panel in the newly added section below settings.

    You will see a list of vouchers you've created, click on the "Shortcodes" link above your voucher and it will give you a shortcode to use within wordpress and a full hyperlink you can use anywhere.

    3. You create your vouchers right there within the admin section in the voucher. You can create a new template which is just the blank image file and basically just add the border you want in photoshop or any graphics program. I haven't used it myself, I just used one of the stock templates.

    4. I hadn't noticed that since I make the ones I use instantly printable without requiring an email. It's for a friends hvac business and he want's to make it as easy as possible to get that coupon in a customers hand.

    Here's a plugin that may be able to help you change that.
    WordPress › WP Mail SMTP « WordPress Plugins

    If that doesn't work, you might try contacting the developers of the plugin to see what they suggest.

    Good luck with it, I hope you can get it working the way you want.
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