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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. I need your help. I paid a guy to coach me and he has been putting me off for months and now keeps telling me that he will refund me but doesn't. I put in a dispute with paypal a while back and it never really got settled. So now I'm in the process with Paypal again to see if they can do anything. My question is where can I go to put in complaints about him that will affect him and help others so that they don't have to go through what I'm going through? He even said that he would give me the places to report him.
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      Thanks Tiffany!
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        Originally Posted by GavinStephenson View Post

        Put this persons name in here!
        No, don't. It's against the rules. However, there is nothing wrong with blogging about your personal experiences on your own website.
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        Originally Posted by GavinStephenson View Post

        Put this persons name in here!

        How much did you pay for coaching.. call paypal dont wait.
        So you're suggesting she commit defamation of character when she's right now sitting in a position to have this guy prosecuted, or at least forced to refund? I don't know what to think about that logic.

        Also - it's against the rules because people can sue when they are called out publicly in such a fashion. The only time it becomes legal to post such stuff around is after a person loses a lawsuit - and if she were to post about him anywhere, she might really mess up her chances of legal action by doing so. A lawyer would tell her to just keep mum about it until after the suit is settled.

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    I would file a complaint and track the person down. If you paid him, he should refund you if he did nothing.

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    Track him down, tell him you'll file a complaint if he doesn't refund asap. Also, I hate to think that other people will be taken in by this guy, there should be some ways to stop this.
    Don't sweat the small stuff :)
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      Really we have a lot of insincere guys like that. I am not truly sure how paypal goes about their refund policy;it doesn't look straight forward and it might take a while before it is settled. Well just threaten the guy that you will report him. If the money is not too much then post his name around so nobody patronize him again but if its quite some money you may have to report him. That is why i really like using clickbank. I have an experience like that not too long, its also through PayPal-but am yet to file anything yet, i am still cajoling him to see if he will do the job. The thing here is we should patronize established people.
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    Hi Judy,

    Hope you have saved all your email communications. You can call the FTC or
    file an online complaint.

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      Thanks Ken, yes I have saved email communications and I will use that link in the future when needed.
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        Great news Warriors! Thanks to your advice I did get the refund. I want to thank you for your help!
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    I find that when you're starting out in IM incidents like this get your blood boiling as there are plenty of dishonest people out there.
    Best thing is to try and take action with your integrity in tact. They will get there just deserts in the end!!!
    And that way you have your reputation and people will respect that.
    Failing that a slap in the face is always a winner! ha ha!!
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    This is strange, why weren't things in your favor when you first made a PayPal dispute? If he hasn't served you, that means he doesn't have any proof.. and your money should have then been returned to you eventually, automatically.

    Keep in mind that just because this is all done online, does not mean you can't sue him. You may want to consider talking to a lawyer. It should shake the guy up when he gets a letter from your lawyer.
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      He talked me out of it the first time around promising to provide training. I give him a second chance. I always try to find the best in people but I'm still trying to find the good in
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