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As I mentioned in other threads, I'm thinking of starting a second blog and had a question regarding the Email opt in.

I have two different MRR products I got from different places which I think would make perfect "free" gifts in exchange for an opt in (one is a set of videos the other is a Wordpress plugin which offers similar functionality to one which retails for $47).

There is one problem though. The plugin says I can give it away free only for personal use and the videos say I can give it away free only as a bonus to a paid product. Both of them however allow me to resell the products with no restrictions. So, since they don't specify minimums I have to charge, I was thinking about offering the two products as a "bonus" (as opposed to a freebie) for joining my Email list for just one cent. It may as well be free, but by charging a penny I am fulfilling the requirements of the license I own.

So, I wanted to know: first, does that sound like it could work? I.e. offering a bonus where I say "sign up for my free mailing list and as a bonus you can have all this for just one cent!"

The alternative was to offer it as a "you can pay what you want but you must pay something" deal. I was thinking that might make me more money but it also might turn people away since some people would feel embarrassed to send just one cent, even if they were told that it's okay to do so. OTOH, that may also increase the perceived value of the products and may get more people interested in them.

Finally, I've been considering the possibility of doing a standard double opt in where they get the gifts in their Email box immediately after they confirm and along with the gifts is a link which says "you need to pay something. Please click here to do so."

The advantage would be to give people the feeling of being able to try out the stuff and see if they feel like it has real value to them. Plus, this way, I'm not nagging people who sign up for my mailing list for money right away and frankly, I don't care if some or most of them don't pay me because I'm not selling it to make money, but just to fulfill the requirements of the license (as far as I know, the license says I have to sell it -- it doesn't say that I can't have deadbeats who don't pay).

However, I think this may be a bit shakier ground than the other options from a legal standpoint. Although let's face it, the odds of my ever getting sued even if I just gave the stuff away completely are slim to none unless I somehow turned into a millionaire from it and the owners of the products I'm giving away see a chance to make an easy few dollars off of me. While I'm not expecting that -- if I manage to make a decent living, I'd be thrilled, never mind becoming a millionaire-- I always like to make sure I'm as prepared as I can for even unlikely scenarios...

Anyway, thoughts? Comments?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Hey Eric,

    If it was me I would offer it as a bonus pack for $1.oo. And I would do this for a couple of reasons. The obvious is that you are meeting the requirements of your resell. Also the value of having a list of buyers (even though they are only buying at $1) Is huge. You have proven that they have a payment vehicle and are capable of purchasing in the future. You have gotten them to the first step of your funnel which is to actually buy something. And you have eliminated the tedious task of segmenting a huge list of freebie seekers into buyers vs freebie seekers. The value of the list you will have after charging them just $1 will far outweigh the value of a huge list of freebie seekers.

    Hope this helps

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