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by edge83
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I've received a lot of advice since I started about only going for terms that show X number of searches per month, 2,000, 3,000 etc.

So far this month I have made $118 from a site targeting a keyword that reports about 50 searches per month.

Granted there is certainly a much lower ceiling on this site, but at my stage of the game, that was a lot of money for one site and has given me a lot of motivation. Just from this i could buy domain / many articles etc. for a "better" site now.

Anyone searching for this term is already much closer to buying, and this term was a lot easier to rank for than many others out there.

Some food for thought.
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    Beyond the domain name, what did you actually do to your site to get it performing like that?





    I like details...and you do not need to give your site away because lets face it, if you are making good money you obviously don't want to hand it over lol
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    Agree. Never share your keywords or niche.

    But do tell the techniques and processes you use to accomplish something.
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    Yeah people do tend to recommend 2-3K searches a month, but it isn't really a good judge of competition. I have a site ranking for a 10K search a month, no we're going for 30K.
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    Honestly, the site has only gotten about 120 hits this month - the main backlinks were profile backlinks, link from my personal homepage / one other site, two articles, RSS / onlywire bookmarking of pages. I just finished creating a series of web 2.0 pages earlier this month.

    The main components are:

    1) Takes very few sales to break $100-- high commission on the product direct from the company.

    2) I'm quite familiar with the niche and the review is straightforward, it lets them know what the deal is with it and who it would be good for as well as who it would not be good for- very little sales language.

    3) Very few links for them to click on when they land on the page except a banner, so they are likely to go straight to reading the review or clicking on the banner.

    4) The keyword itself means they are already familiar with the niche and are thinking about buying.. this has to be the key ingredient for lower traffic but some sales.

    4) Very few people are targetting this product- I actually was not page one for it but just reached a few days ago.

    So I'd say most of these come down to research, because traffic wise etc. there is absolutely nothing special going on, obviously, but those who get there are likely interested and if they do make a sale my commission is quite high.

    I must say that my awareness of the product came from my personal life in being involved in the niche- I don't know if that's useful or good advice towards actually finding unique products but that's how this one came about in my case- I can't really offer any slick technique used for "uncovering" this product

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    I got the same "rules" when I got started. Some worked and some didn't. One of the things I learned from one of my mentors, Kim Roach, is TEST everything.

    That has been some of the best advice I have ever received, because what works in one of my niches may not work in another. I have niches with low traffic rates but are profitable and others with higher traffic numbers that are less profitable. Some traffic is harder to convert, at least it has been for me.

    So I am continually testing and tweaking.
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