Setting up proxies from squid proxies on scrapbox

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Does any one know how to do this? Scrapebox (sorry)
Is there a tutorial somewhere please?
I have been through this forum, used google been through the squidproxie website also used their ticket system.
Setting up bought proxies is new to me.
Thanks for any help.
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    Here's what you need to do.

    First you need to log into SquidProxies admin panel to set up your IP address. The details are contained in the welcome mail that you must have received after purchasing the proxies. Look for the link "Authorized IPs". It will display your IP address. Click on "Add" and Submit. If you get a dynamic IP address everytime you switch on your computer, you need to do it everytime you want to run Scrapebox.

    Then you must wait for few minutes and paste the proxies assigned to you in the proxies section in Scrapebox. Click on Manage proxies and then Test proxies. As soon as the proxies are validated, you are good to go.

    Let me know if you have more questions.


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    I use this exact setup (squid with scrapebox)

    If you don't know how to find your IP, go to What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address

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    Thank you for your brilliant help
    I have a different ip each time I log on so I do the ip thing each time.
    I have a list of auto approved blogs for scrapebox but I am only getting a success rate of 675 out of 4500
    That seems very low to me when people claim 50%+
    I am only running scrapebox at 30 strings a time not the usual 50
    I tried a 5-2-9-3-1 as the port as suggested by squidproxies.
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    i have a similar problem. keep getting error 403. my ip address keep changing. the methods above doesn't help.. anyone?
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