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I've created a very simple nasal irrigation product review site. It basically contains my reviews of some of my favorite nasal irrigation products. My goal is to attract people who are already interested in nasal irrigation and don't need convincing. The problem? I can't think of what type of articles to write to achieve this goal. Would it be a good idea to submit the reviews as individual short articles? Or maybe write some articles about the benefits of nasal irrigation?

This is the site (it's nothing fancy): Nasal Irrigation Reviews
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    Originally Posted by Michelle Strait View Post

    Would it be a good idea to submit the reviews as individual short articles? Or maybe write some articles about the benefits of nasal irrigation?

    This is the site (it's nothing fancy): Nasal Irrigation Reviews
    Yes to the first idea. I think it's okay to do this. And the other idea is fine too.
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      Michelle, there are a number of ways to tackle this.

      However, I'd refrain from making your articles too "pitchy" especially if you're
      going to submit to directories like EZA.

      I'd write articles that talk about the benefits. You might also want to stress
      the problems that one can run into if they don't treat the condition. When
      somebody is confronted with possible bad effects, they tend to be more
      eager to do something to see that they don't happen.

      If you do write reviews, try to be as unbiased as you can. Plus, you have to
      be careful. EZA has a strict policy about naming brand names, especially if
      you're going to say negative things about them. So be careful.
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    Hi Michelle

    Why don't you write about what causes the nasal problem in the first place. There may be a group of health issues that create the need for nasal irrigation

    Good luck
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      I would write interesting articles about the benefits, and then save a small "review" of sorts and a link in the "resource box". Reword it some with each article you submit.
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        I think it would be good to target the problems that nasal irrigation can solve. Like sinus infections etc... Find some keywords around those and then write an article about the problem and how irrigation can be the solution - then let your resource box lead them to the reviews on your site.

        BTW - I actually have a nasty sinus infection right now and bought one of those neti pots and it really DOES help! Plus it's fun to use, although it does look pretty wierd....

        Gone Fishing
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          Thanks for the great suggestions. Thankfully I can move forward now. I really was stuck. Thanks again.
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            Write the articles and pull out the emotions in them by describing the problem and how it affects them. Their biggest fears,worries,what pisses them off,etc.

            Then you tell them what they need to do to solve their problem.

            Then in the bio use your link to where they can solve their problem.

            Never give a conclusion and then a bio. You want to have the bio the probelm solving conclusion.

            By using this style and format of article writing has been getting me average 50% CTR

            Frank Bruno
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              Hi Michelle,

              I'm with Frank remind folks how horrible it is to have a sinus infection. Thankfully I have had only one in my lifetime, I had to sleep setting up, my face hurt so much I could hardly touch it. You are sure to find some testimonials at places like (for ideas)

              Kenj also brought up a good idea people may not even know this could help them, so you could educate them at the same time. You could split test different pages and headlines as a secret technique that no one has reveled to suffers of sinus infections and that they are doomed to purchase worthless products if not tried.

              I thought you did a good job on your website, you might consider adding pictures of animals, plants, pollutants, etc. in your header (things that cause allergies, a visual reminder of pain) since you mentioned allergies in your copy. But that can all come later of course.

              Don't forget to run your spelling checker, please forgive me if this was more information than you wanted it's getting late and I can only hope I will fall asleep after I finish the post.

              Have a prosperous weekend

              Dolores Pepper
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                Hi Michelle,

                Also try typing in your main keyword in to see how popular the keyword is as well as producing related keywords which will also get your creative juices flowing.
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                  What kind of results have you guys achieved with article marketing? I am always wondering if it is worth the time. Would love to hear some of your thoughts.

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                    Vishen (I assume it's you?),

                    I found that the traffic generated by article marketing has the best quality - since they are generally 'pre-sold' in the article before they clickthru to my sales page.

                    For every article I write, typically I make two upfront sales, and about 30 confirmed double opt-ins. I'm not tracking the backend sales value created per article (yet), but I would expect a super high ROI when I take that into account.

                    I tried PPC and didn't like it - the traffic is 'cold' and the CPC is too rich for my blood in the niche I'm in.

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                  IMO, great points made here so far. A couple of additional thoughts for your consideration...

                  From personally knowing and 'following' some top copywriters [the smart ones of whom test everything] one thing most of them unanimously say is...

                  Use specificity and precise numbers in your headlines, as well as including the controversial, intriguing, entertaining, or interesting aspect... because people respond to specific numbers... a few examples of which might be...

                  "5 Real Reasons Your Current Nasal Irrigation Regimen Could be doing More Damage than Help" ... or... [or hurting you more than helping you, or whatever]...

                  "4 Easy and Fast Steps to Take When You Feel Like Your Head is About to Explode" ... or ... [or implode or whatever]...

                  "3 Proven Ways to Quickly Relieve Your Horrible Pain When Your Head Feels like an Over-Inflated Volleyball''

                  etc etc.

                  Just a thought or two for your consideration... hope it helps...

                  Chip Tarver

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                      This is terrific information. I'm taking it all in. I've already improved the site by double-checking the spelling. Thanks for the help.
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    I suggest writing about the overall health benefits of maintaining
    clear nasal passages. You can also compose health articles about
    cures for the common cold, migraine relief, etc. If you research
    the topic you'll probably find that irrigating relieves a number of
    ailments that ppl will be searching for online.
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