[SHARE INFO] Shortcuts for Text Formatting in Warrior Forum

by minisite911 3 replies

I just noticed that we can use KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to format text here in Warrior Forum!

I was trying to paste a text, but instead of pressing Ctrl+V, I accidentally press Ctrl+B..
and.. VOALLA! the text turn into BOLD.

It also works for italic (Ctrl+i) and Underline (Ctrl+U)

lol, just want to share this info, in case some of you haven't notice bout this also

Next, I began to wondering, are there any shortcuts for fonts size and colors?
Those are the two formatting that we use the most (I think we all do)..

It would be great if there are shortcuts for it, because i won't take long to create text like this:
by typing these codes manuall (which is what I've done all of this time):
[color=orange][size=+4][B]BIG ORANGE[/B][/color][/size], [color=blue][size=+3][B]MEDIUM BLUE[/B][/color][/size], [color=red][size=+2][B]SMALLER RED[/B][/color][/size]
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