Favorite Analytics Tool? (Apart from G Analytics)

by Croz
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I've heard about getclicky.com and was hoping to hear from others who've used it.. Feel free to recommend other analytics tools you've used too.

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    I'm ooooold school. StatCounter. I love the way it shows user paths and everything on one page. Plus, Google can't see my bounce rates!

    Yes, I wear tin foil hats.

    Oh, check out ClickTale. That service is amazing!!

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  • I usad to be worried abou google seeing my bounce rates so removed GA from my sites. Within a few days I dropped in the SERPs. So about a month later I put GA back on my sites and a few days later I was back up in the SERP's. Maybe a coincidence, but for me GA seems to help rankings. That aside, its a truly awesome analysis tool, and its free.
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    I use GA on most of my sites. but have sitemeter (free version) on a few of them also. I like the way SM shows you the out clicks, but it doesn't include all your outclicks, like adsense, for instance. I like the way it shows you your visitors and uniques in a bar graph format, but G offers far more info and is better laid out overall, at least when comparing the free versions. I've never used the paid version of SM, so I can't speak to that.
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    i only use the free version of getclicky. not sure how good the pro version is. if you want an alternative to google its probably not a bad option. the free version gives you your visitor stats that you need, but you don't get the detail of information in terms of visitor paths.
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  • For conversions, I had my own tracking system coded so I could track my sales metrics.
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    I still use statcounter. One of my friends recommended this to me before even before I discovered Google Analytics. So I continued using it even after I made the swithc from blogger to wordpress. I appreciate its simplicity.

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    GetClicky is awesome, I just installed it on one of my blogs. The thing it, it shows different stats and more visitors than google analytics, any idea why?
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    I LOVE Clicky.... i've been using it on all my sites for about 6 months and won't ever go back to G. Analytics
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    Check out Woopra. It's made by developers who used to work for Google, and is very, very cheap as it's so new (and there's a free version for a limited amount of traffic).

    Check out the features on their website, they are second to none from every other analytics tool I've checked out.

    I haven't had any issues with it, though I can't say I've used it very extensively as my site is still in it's beginning stages.

    EDIT: Oh.. and I'd also check out ClickTale, which tracks the motions of your users, and even records their actions. It generates heat maps as well. Definitely an awesome tool, though expensive if you don't already have your website going successfully.

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      Another Clicky user here. Awesome software. I think they're offering 50% off your first payment at the moment too, so you can get 12 months for half price.

      James Simpson

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