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I have a community of guitar players and I have at least 800 unique clicks per month but 0 sales!

I am affiliated to a guitar player course.. where is the problem? :confused::confused:
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    I'm not sure if any Warrior will be able to accurately diagnose the problem without seeing your website. Have a link?

    Off the top of my head... ummm... is your website geared towards 12-year-olds or inner city families (who have no money?) How are you getting traffic? If it's pay-per-click, my guess would be that your keywords are not targeted properly. The keyword, "guitar," for example might not translate into actual sales for guitar lessons because it's not specific enough.
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    By 800 unique clicks, you mean that people are actually clicking through to your offer?

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    Your traffic isn't targeted enough. They probably aren't buying as they already know how to play the guitar.
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    If nobody is buying it means that you have a 0 conversion rate. Problems with conversion rates are typically associated with offer and/or sales page. So look closely at your offer, maybe you are charging to high, or maybe the quality of a sales copy is not so good, and also it could be that you are targeting a wrong demographics group.
    It could be many other things, it's hard to assess without looking at your website.
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    Aren't most guitar players poor stoners who live in their mom's basement?

    All joking aside, to be perfectly honest I don't think that it is a very high converting niche. I don't know many people who have much success with music.

    Try changing your monetization method maybe? Maybe adsense works better for that niche, or maybe CPA. Different niches have different forms of monetization that work best for that particular niche.

    Also, try re-designing your page completely, and then running a split test using Google Analytics.
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    A portal and community doesn't immediately bring to mind a monetization strategy that yields fruit.

    Your first post said 800 clicks a month, your second 800-1000 visitors a day. That's about 1 click for every 30 visitors or so. What are they clicking on? Is it a sales pitch for a single product? multiple products? Opt in page for a newsletter?

    Just getting clicks doesn't necessarily mean you will get sales. I had a site once that had a particular advertisement that got a huge number of clicks related to the traffic, but never generated a single sale because it was so alien to the remaining content on the site I think the visitors clicked on it to see if it was real... (This was way back in time, when clicking a blind link wasn't so dangerous.) According to site statistics, less than 1% of the "clickers" stuck around more than a few seconds, and only one in a thousand ever was there long enough to actually read the entire page.

    How is the site monetized? Do the ads match the content, or are they less targeted? Are you selling guitars, fake books, sheet music, learn to play courses? Each of these appeals to a uniquely different sub-demographic of guitar players. Same for type of music. You'll have significantly different sub-demographics for Bass, Rythm, Lead players, just as with strumming, picking, slack key, flamenco and so on...

    Have you looked at your site statistics? Look at the result of the clicks. How long do they stay on your pitch page? Is it long enough to tell they are actually interested, or just happened to click in and bailed instantly? If they are there long enough to read the copy, why don't they commit and buy? Price too high? Features not what they need? Is the same information already available on the community for free?

    Without actually seeing the site, this is like shooting ducks with a blindfold on...

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    I'll chime in and say the same. Your targeting is off.

    My predecessor at work would often talk about how much of an increase in traffic he created and yet, when asked by the non-technical bosses, how much more business did we get, he had to concede, none.

    We are a retail store his idea was to add resources to the site on "being green" and "earth friendly". Nothing wrong with that, but people would go to the site, read and leave. He attracted traffic, but none that was going to buy from us.

    Are you attracting the traffic that wants to buy what you have on your landing page?
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    If 800 people were interested in taking a look at the product and not one bought one I'd take a close look at the product, sales page, whether your affiliate link is working properly.
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    My guess would be that you are attracting people who can already play the guitar instead of people who want to learn to play the guitar.
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      Originally Posted by Terry Hatfield View Post

      My guess would be that you are attracting people who can already play the guitar instead of people who want to learn to play the guitar.
      This is also my same thought, Have you tried split-testing your affiliate offer? Maybe try offering them guitar accessories or tab sheets?
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    Maybe they already know how to play?

    Have you tried anything else? Like guitars....amps...sheet music....advanced lessons with Joe Satriani?

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      is it 800 clicks/day or 800 clicks/month? could we take a look at the site?
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  • Usually when someone is getting lots of traffic but no sales, it either means that the traffic is not highly targeted, or that the keywords they are getting traffic from are not 'buying keywords'.
    As a guitar player myself I would hesitate to guess that with so much free content on Youtube etc. available where you can find guitar tutorials etc. it is possible that your traffic is just people who are interested in guitar, but would rather get free lessons than pay for them.
    I know personally I often find guitar lessons and cover versions of songs on Youtube and have never actually bought a guitar course online.

    I could be way off the mark, but this was just something that jumped out at me from personal experience.

    All the best
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    Where do you traffic come from?

    You may want to check what keywords bring these visitors to your site.

    Are these buying keywords or info keywords?

    Also what do you want your visitors to buy?
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    OP, you'll never know what your Google traffic wants until you know what keywords landed them on your site!

    Then you can review why they clicked your SERP link.

    Track them or forget them...
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      I would also look at what the other websites in the search results for that keyword are selling to the people when they land on their page.
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        This is the website: guitarmaniacDOTorg

        I tried AdSense and the results were ridiculous..
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    Couldn't really translate it, wasn't sure what language it is.

    Just from looking at it though it seems like you may be attracting fans of music rather than people looking to learn to play the guitar. From what I could make of it the site is focused around news of concerts and stuff.

    I saw that you are selling some guitar equipment and also looked like some courses. The thing is you need to make pages for each of those product names and build back links to those product pages so that you will rank and attract the buyers instead of just the fans.

    Someone mentioned it up above, you need to look at your google analytics and see what keywords are getting people to your site.

    I suspect you are not ranking for the product name and buyer keywords and are getting more fan like keywords like "van halen".

    If the traffic coming to your site isn't focused on product name keywords like line 6 amp or "how to play guitar" and more general traffic like van halen then I would put some fan type products like rock tshirts and stuff like from the site below:

    Van Halen Store: World's Largest Selection of Official Van Halen Merchandise

    But you really do have to look at your stats and see what keywords people are using to get to your site.

    Hope that helps some.
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