Should I issue refund?

by Adie
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Someone ordered me a service I am offering and paid $102 5 days ago but did not send any details. I just got the payment in my paypal through my sales page but he/she did not completed the process. I am contacting him/her through paypal email almost everyday but no response. I even sent him $0.1 with message on paypal but still no response...

Should I make a refund? Do you think 5 days of waiting is enough?

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    Something similar happened to me, but in reverse. I made a payment for a service but changed my mind about precisely what it was that I wanted, so did not leave any details. It took me nearly two weeks of re-planning everything before I contacted the seller again.

    Your buyer could be doing something similar or perhaps have been taken ill, or had some kind of emergency.

    I would hold the money in your paypal account (DO NOT SPEND IT!) and if after 15 days he/she has still not contacted you then put through a refund.

    Keep hard copy records of everything related to this purchase and the subsequent refund (should this be required).
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      I agree with Sandy. I'd wait at least two weeks. Something may have come up. In the meantime, I wouldn't keep contacting him. If you haven't heard from him after two weeks, send one more email, and if no response, then issue the refund.
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    Well about spending, I wont and my paypal always have considerable fund for my writers' salary... Thanks for the inputs...

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      Let me disagree a little bit. I would not issue a refund with out being asked for one. I believe PayPal allows 60 days for a refund.

      I would open up my Google calendar and put a reminder to e-mail them in about 30 days. That e-mail can reiterate your service or a refund "just let me know."

      If they still do not respond, send another e-mail or two. If they contact you after the refund period you still have the option of helping them or sending the money back.

      I would not recommend initiating a financial transaction without both parties being involved. Right now you don't know and they may not.

      I'm just saying.

      Joe Mobley


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    maybe the client got hit by a bus and in the hospital or got pulled over by cops with a pound of weed and went to jail, who knows! you did your part and all you can do now is wait till the client contacts. i would not issue any refund as no refund is due yet. its client's responsibility to contact with your the delails
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    wait and then refund - the buyer can always reverse the transaction through PayPal if they'd like to do so.
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    If there are no details then do not spend it. Cancel the transaction, it's morally right.
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    Waiting 2 weeks is good advice. I would definitely refund it if you still hadn't heard anything from the buyer by then. It's simply the right thing to do.
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    If you havn't already provided any service, send the money back & tell them to complete the sales process.
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    I prefer to err on the side of being nice. That is no error. Probably a major family situation hit this person. They probably have bigger things to worry on.

    Refunding the money might be a test of character as they say. I use to hire people and leave bait as in money. If a person stole it I would fire em.
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    Life is too short to fight a refund.

    Just give it and move on.
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      Originally Posted by Floyd Fisher View Post

      Life is too short to fight a refund.

      Just give it and move on.
      He isn't fighting a refund at all. He was wondering if he should issue one because the customer never contacted him after sending a payment.

      I think you should wait until you hear from the customer before issuing a refund. Just email the person periodically. I wouldn't send a refund unless it was requested.
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    Personally I would wait for a few more days. He/she will soon ask for refund if they don't want the service trust me.
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    Keep trying to contact the buyer. Something may have happened preventing him from completing the purchase. But you did received the money so you're obligated to do your part.
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      5 days isn't very long. The person could have gone on holiday or anything. Often what might seem like a big thing to you is nothing to them and they don't give it much priority.

      Give it a month and try contacting them again - if you don't receive a reply refund them. In my view keeping the money is not an option; you haven't done anything for it and you aren't entitled to it. Apart from the ethical aspect you never know what criticism, or perhaps a chargeback, you might have to face if and when the person remembers about the transaction.

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        It is possible that the page crashed during the signup process - that happened to me once when I was purchasing something and I had to contact the vendor.

        It is also possible that your emails are sitting in his junk mail folder, which is a common reason for people not responding to things.

        I think in the end you need to refund the money but like some of the others I would wait a couple of weeks or so.
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    It's a good practice to issue refund without questions when person asks for it. In your case nobody asks for a refund, so it is nothing to think about.
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      Anyone else notice that overall in this thread more women have been saying give a refund and more men are saying not to?

      Not saying one or the other is right. Just interesting.

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