Check, Double-Check, Then Check Again!

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We know that keeping track of all the little details can be a hassle, but it can also be very frustrating for a customer if everything's not right.

Case in point:

We just purchased a digital product. The thank you page gave us a 404 error. The link in the thank you email also gave us a 404 error.

That meant we had to start tracking down how we could contact the seller. We emailed, we phoned and left a message, we contacted the affiliate, we contacted the payment processor.

All this time we had no doubt that this was a genuine product, from a genuine seller, but it was still very frustrating.

So, let's all be sure to be very careful checking all our links and details before offering a product for sale. Generally we only have one shot at a purchaser, so let's not mess it up.

Thanks All!

BTW - the seller did respond in just a few hours and we do now have the product. But the memory of the frustration remains.
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    You should always use a service like link tiger to check the integrity of your website.

    This means that it will tell you if your site has any broken links. The thing is that your download page should be stand alone, meaning that you should not link to any other page and should be blocked by search engines. While many marketers fail in this respect it could just be that they made an error when copying that URL in click bank or PayPal.

    In any event always block the page using Meta Tags and not in the Robots.Txt file can’t tell you how many marketers have had their products ripped off because they put the exact link in their robots file.
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