Thoughts on traffic exchange websites?

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I want your thoughts on traffic exchange. I recently heard of autosurf and did some research, but want to know from experienced people if its good/bad worth it/ a waste of time, etc?

If it is worth it, where is the best place to try it or get started?

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    You are in luck, I happen to be at the very top of the traffic exchange industry. I been working TE's since 1999. To answer your question, and without going into all the details, I'll save you time. Autosurfs are a waste of time!

    I suggest manual TE's which I compiled a list of the ones yielding the best results out there. PM me if you really want that list or have any other questions about traffic exchanges.

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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    Traffic exchange equals to seo "stone age".

    Make your marketing technique as natural as possible. The latest algorithm modifications suggest that link "visibility" and "relevancy" are the key factors in determining the quality of a single link.

    Moreover, please don't waste time on techniques that have been flagged by search engines themselves in several conferences.
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    Instead of traffic exchange Link exchange is encouraged by all search engines. That was the whole point of Internet (a large collection of linked documents). So anyway, there are directories (specialized for niches) and also relevant sites where you can ask the owner for a link exchange. Both parties benefit. search engines and visitors benefit. world becomes a better place.

    how hard is that?
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    I have answered this previously and will answer again in 2 simple lines

    1 - Good for increasing traffic
    2 - No Good for conversions

    Hope that helps.
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    Frankly, autosurf EARLIER may have been good. The quality of sites has gone down, and there are programs to automate surfing. So they might be great to increase alexa ratings, but I doubt it, since usually they are NOT going to YOUR URL. But you will probably see VERY few sales. OH, and AUTOsurfs are the worst. Even if they DID see your site and like it, they may never get back to buy. But HEY, they WILL increase traffic. 8-/

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    Autosurf sites are no good. I am even wondering why such sites still exist and why there are people who still uses them? There are quite a few manual traffic exchange that i consider worthy enough though. But i can only vouch for one right now and it is called easyhits4u. So far it is the most active traffic exchange around.

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      Here's my thoughts:

      1. Link Exchange = I want to exchange Links.
      2. Traffic Exchange = I want to exchange Traffics
      3. Sales Conversion = Direct marketing, Offline marketing, Search Engine ranking

      There are lots of WSO in this forum and most of them are written by top notch in their respective field which you can benefits for a fee.
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    You can get loads of free traffic, but they are generally worthless as they are not targeted at all. It will only work better if the niche you have, would target everyone.

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    Traffic exchange sites are useful only if you want to have higher rank in alexa otherwise it is worthless.

    Best regards ,
    Openbook support team
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    TBH i've never really seen the point of buying un-targeted traffic. Now don't get me wrong, I imagine there are some people who can turn a nice profit using it, but I am not one of them.

    We are taught to identify our target market (ie 'everyone' is not a market) so to buy random bursts of unqualified traffic seems to be of little value to me.

    Would love to hear success stories though

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    Hello everyone.Traffic exchange work if done correctly.The best method is to use splash pages that redirect to your site.Also using a good mass traffic exchange surfer like TE Browser will boost your hits.Only use traffic exchanges that are manual.just my two sense...
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