Any Good Sites to Print My EBook to Regular Book

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Hi warriors,

I have a ebook, that has helped a lot of people and I want to print it out as a real book and give it out and various events.

I am mainly looking for OK quality for a cheap price, since I will not be making sales from that book.

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    I work in the print industry in the UK, If you are UK based i can recomend a few places.

    How many pages, What size (A4, A5 etc) and how many you need.

    If your not uk based i might be able to suggest possible binding, substrate and press type options from the info above to help make your hunt easyer.
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      Depending on how many copies you want to have printed at a time, you may choose to go with POD or with traditional offset printing.

      I suspect you may want to go with POD (Print On Demand).

      My top choice at the moment is, which is an Amazon-owned business.

      I've used in the past, and their quality was acceptable.

      For offset printing, go to and check out their quotes. They also have a lot of information to help.

      - Alan Tutt

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    DVD and CD Duplication & Replication, Printing and Packaging
    I did not use them myself but i heard from alot of people that they are very good
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      Why don't you create a short (but useful) report, make that into a booklet you can give away, and, in it, promote your eBook/book? Then, use Lulu or CreateSpace to handle your print book. That way, people can choose whether to buy a digital or traditional version of your book.

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    Amazon's Create Space (I think that's what it's called) and Lulu are two big ones I know of. It may be more than you're looking to spend though. But keep in mind, even if you're not selling it, you do want it to make a good impression on people.

    One piece of advice I've heard is that paying a little to get a cover designed by someone who actually does book covers will make a BIG difference in the end result (instead of just relying on a template or whatnot).

    (I just noticed after posting that several of us must have been working on our posts simultaneously. But great minds think alike I guess LOL).
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    I've used Lulu a couple of times and I was impressed with the results. The printing was relatively cheap, although their postage rates were quite high. That might be different for you depending on where you are located.

    I agree with designing a good book cover and not using their pre-designed templates.
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  • Yes, CreateSpace and Lulu are both pretty popular.

    I guess most people use either one of these services.
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