6-figure entrepreneur will trade coaching for housing

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Hi all,
I'm planning to stay a few weeks in the USA next year. I will be going to San Diego from Jan. 19th to mid-March.

I could rent an apartment or hotel room but I don't like living alone - not fun. And since I'm an entrepreneur and tend to work at weird hours, I figured I might just look for an IM housemate.

So basically here's what I have to offer :
- I will be working everyday for a few hours to manage my French-based business. In the meanwhile, I can show you how I built it, how I promote it, and how I'm planning to expand it to 7-figures this year. That's easily replicable.
- I am a very motivational person (I run a life-coaching firm) and I will help you define your goals and keep focused day after day.

In exchange,
I'm just looking for a cool place to hang out with cool people for a while. I basically need just a room, a desk and an internet connection as I'm going to be outside surfing and dancing salsa, every minute that i'm not working.

And it doesn't work out :
I'll just pack my computer and leave, and take a hotel room for the reminder of my stay.

Why San Diego ?
Because the temperature was 14° this morning there, and it was 0° here in my beloved French city... so I basically am fleeing the cold
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