URGENT...About PayPal Unauthorized Transactions

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Okay, this is something that I never knew but found out today and I think
it's important that everybody understand this who doesn't already know this.

My apologies to those who already do know this.

When you get the notice from PayPal with the case number and then go to
your site and it says open claims and the claim says unauthorized
or something to that effect...

It does NOT mean that the buyer necessarily put in a claim.

If for some reason, the buyer is having problems with his PayPal account
and has it limited for any reason, any payments he made to you are then
put on hold with the explanation of unauthorized purchase.

Point is, don't go jumping the gun like I did and assume that the buyer
put in a claim. Yes, in some cases, they did. But as I just found out,
after replying to the claim as Bev Clement suggested, I heard back from
the buyer stating what the problem was.

PayPal needs to have a better reporting system because as it stands now,
you will automatically assume that the buyer is trying to cheat you and
it could cause you to say and do things that will only have you end up
with a pissed off buyer who did nothing wrong other than screw up
something on his end with his own account.

So, to make sure the transaction is unauthorized, do as I did.

Respond to the claim using the Other option and then explain in detail
how the item was delivered. If you have DLGuard, show proof of
download and then refer PayPal to this link.


And then end your reply with, "For the above reasons, I am disputing
this claim."

The status will change to "Awaiting Response From Buyer".

If the claim is false, they will get back to you, as my customer did, and
explain what happened. If it is a legit claim, as what happened to me
when one Warrior here had their account hacked and had like 20 transactions
charged to them (they showed me the proof) then you can decide, if you
want, to issue the refund.

Point is, don't take PayPal's wording of the problem as gospel. It does
not have to be totally accurate.

Please tuck this away in your drawer somewhere.
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