A few questions about niche research

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Hey warriors,

I haven't made too many posts in this forum up to this point because up until now internet marketing has been something I would LIKE to do, but with a good job that has kept me busy, I haven't NEEDED to do it.

Well, stuff changes and it looks like it might be time to adapt. Without going into much detail, I have a little more urgency now.

I know there are a lot of routes you could go in this industry, but I feel like product creation is a great place for me to start.

I'm not a complete novice to the concepts involved in making money online, but I'm quickly learning that understanding the concepts is different from knowing the application.

So, without further adieu, I have a few questions about niche research.

I've heard that most people fail to go deep enough into a niche. They might stop at just bird watching and create a product for that, when they maybe should have created a product for people who want to watch birds in the northeast and have cataracts..... Ok, maybe not that far. But you get the point.

First of all, what questions do you ask yourself about the subject or the people you are marketing to so you can go deep into a niche? Questions like, could a persons age, health or location help me create a more specific product?

Second, what are your general rules about keyword research? How many searches for your keywords are you looking for?

Hopefully these questions are understood. I find it kind of hard to word that first one.

Any input or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    So that's why you must make Keyword research, in order to know what are the niche you will enter. You must enter a niche that has low competition but in the other hand there must have traffic in that niche. If I'm making keyword research the first thing I do is look for traffic and results in search engine. Then I will look at the market samurai to know the competition of that niche. Next I will go to domain samurai to look if there's exact domain for that keyword. Then I will analyze the keywords to see the PBR % of that keyword.

    I hope this may help.
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      Thanks Joebel,

      One quick question for you. What does PBR% mean?
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    There is a difference between Keyword research and Market research. The more you know about your target market the better you can craft your marketing messages.

    So you are looking for demographics you can use a site called Home | Quantcast

    However, if you are trying to put together a marketing message, I would suggest building a swipe file. Simply go to clickbank's marketplace and look at the top 5 highest converting sales pages.

    Write down all there points, there objections to overcome, price points, oto's, down sales, opt-in magnets, basically everything you notice.

    Remember you are trying to get into the head of your customers, so put yourself in there shoes and ask "what would I need to solve this problem?".

    Hope that helps.

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      PBR means Phrase-to-Broad, it's important in making keyword research because it is the percentage of exact match searches out of broad match searches on that particular keyword. So if your PBR is 0% it is not advisable to use that keyword. I hope you understand.
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    A good PBR is 15% and if you are really really new just follow the MS's golden rules. That should do the trick just right
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