Sometimes, just sometimes, I Really Despair

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The Internet Marketing world is in a steep decline. Many "gurus" and organizations are trimming down operations and income is getting less and less.

You would think now would be the time to examine our way of doing business and re-evaluate what we are doing, streamlining it to squeeze the maximum profits we can from a dwindling supply of eager young wannabes and entrepreneurs.

Instead, we seem to have hit a time in the Internet Marketing timespan that seems to have created a "Big Bang" of stupidness and arrogance. People so eager to reclaim lost income that they will resort to any and all measures to squeeze that extra buck out of the aforementioned dwindling market.

Today, I really did despair. Two emails landed in my inbox. Both from very highly regarded individuals, both who have been around for years and have built up respect and admiration.

This respect and admiration was lost as one writer had chosen to use a very misleading subject in his email, in order to get me to open it. Time and time again in this very forum, where these guys hang out and read public opinion, this method has been proven to really annoy and p**s people off.

You all know the ones, "notification of payment received", "ClickBank sale", "I have some very sad news" etc etc All designed to force you to open the email thinking you have got that sale, or thinking there really is some bad news in the world ( and with all the sad stuff happening in the world today, the "very sad news" headline I received today was at least ill timed and at most very insensitive ) ......

They should know better by now .... surely. Try to keep as many customers and prospects as you can by being honest and open and they will stick with you through good and bad. Insult their intelligence and, well, bye-bye list members.

So I'm getting over that one and then I visited a sales page from a promo email I received, this one had a legitimate headline so no worries about deception there. It was when I was leaving the page when the following exit popup showed:-

Spot the sloppy mistake.

If I was a customer visiting the sales letter and then greeted with such a slap-dash exit splash as that then the impression I would have gained would be one of complete dismay. Is it some kind of initiation test for new entrepreneurs ? Perhaps the guy is just kidding, but if he is then that would mean he's insulting my intelligence. Why should I buy his product if he can't even be bothered to get an exit page worded correctly and employ a call to action that actually existed and made sense?

You get my point, if I think I was making a point - it may be more of a rant by now, I don't know.

Is it me or are standards slipping ? The need to make a few more extra bucks from a smaller market seems to have people, respected people, doing things and resorting to tactics they would never have thought of doing during the "pre-economic downturn" times. Pushing more potential customers away with their tactics, rather than making sure they are hanging onto them as they too face trying times as well.

Kirk out.

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    I spy a cancel button.....oh wait. I hate those spammy exit pops more than anything, especially when they chain like 7 of them together.

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    I think because there are more players in the industry today than ever before that it just appears that there's more of these shenanigans going on. So we tend to notice it more often, especially if you're part of a few lists. Of course, I'm only talking about the Internet Marketing world that deals with the MMO niche.

    Because in the general IM world the online MMO niche is probably less than 1/2 of 1/2 of 1% of online profits (if that). Throw in powerhouses like FB, Google, etc. and we're dwarfed compared to them.

    Personally, those types of e-mails now amuse me. They never cause me to despair either. I'm way too focused on building my own business and giving back to causes that matter to me. Every industry has bad apples. I'd like to think I'm doing my part by running an ethical business and giving back to my community.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    I've been cleaning my subscriptions up for months now but I have to say that I am on a few lists of really great "down to earth" marketers who always give a ton of value and I really think that the market place is heading that direction. Offer value, unannounced gifts and bonuses to your list or even on the download pages when people already purchase a product that was waaay under-priced, etc.
    I no longer have an interest in the 2K and 3K launches. I bought into a couple of those and now I wish I had used that money for a couple of weeks in HI or perhaps a month or two in Costa Rica LOL!!!

    There is a mega launch coming soon and I think it will be priced in the $3,750 range. I'll be curious to see what it does. It has to do with offline.

    Personally, the past month I have bought allot of WSO's that deal with offline and I spent probably less than $500 and based on the information I have, I can add more clients to the few I have.

    I also was able to get some great deals on WSO's that deal with internet related marketing as well. These are all products that I am currently putting to use.

    Based on the info I have purchase, I now have a really good idea for my own WSO. But first, I am going to implement the idea myself. I want my WSO to be based on my own experience. This way, I know what I am selling works. And if it doesn't work, I won't create it or sell it.
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        Agreed. On the plus side, when people do these kind of things it really helps to trim down on the amount of email coming in. I am still subscribed to a few lists that actually share good information and do not promote the latest & greatest crap.

        Maybe I shouldn't drop a name but I'll do it anyway. Sean Mize is one such exception. In my opinion, a lot of these MMO gurus would do well to follow the standard he has set. This guy sends out meaningful content time and again. Actually personally responds to emails and overall just actually invests some of his time to help people out.

        These other people, in contrast, geeeeesh! Some of the emails... really I wouldn't even call it an email. It is basically just a bunch of click here now links over and over again. No content. Nothing ever given. Those I axe quickly.

        And you are so right on those sales pages. Having to cancel 3 to 4 times just to exit the damn page is insane. To me it just projects a huge amount of desperation. Like they are so needy of our money they just cannot stand the thought of us leaving without them getting their hands on our cash. Maybe that is a strong way to view it but it is my opinion of those sites. I took a look. I wasn't interested. It's done. Don't try to force me to stay. Do they actually think that will somehow win my confidence in them?

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    The integrity of this career is plummeting because of people like these. It's actually kind of disgusting if you ask me.
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      Originally Posted by jakchrist View Post

      The integrity of this career is plummeting because of people like these.
      That's a good thing. It doesn't make the industry look bad, it makes the individual look bad. Black Hat marketers will always suffer the consequences of their actions. The Google Panda Update showed that.

      But much good has come out of the update. Honest marketers shine forth. Many people are reporting higher traffic since the update. Marketers that use techniques like the one above shoot themselves in the foot. Businesses MUST be honest and work with integrity. Assuming one does that, spam like this doesn't matter.
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      What is this "dwindling supply" that you are talking about? The amount of people coming online is staggering. Facebook and Twitter are growing like crazy and so are many other sites. There is no shortage of people in any market, MMO or anything else.

      People who feel the need to use deceptive headlines and spammy tactics are short-sighted, for sure. But that's why there is an unsubscribe button there. Get on some better lists or make do with fewer lists but this is nothing new. I've been on hundreds, if not thousands, of lists over the past several years and I see the same things happening that always has.

      If you're seeing more negative than positive, perhaps you are just looking in the wrong places? There have always been idiots and scammers and outright thieves in any kind of business. It's not going to be any different online.
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    Originally Posted by Jeff Usher View Post

    Is it me or are standards slipping ?
    I think the sloppy pitches are aimed at newbies more and more these days. I'm sure for some of the gooroos, it's getting hard to keep up with the seasoned people who know when they're being conned, but there's always a fresh crop of newbies, don't-cha-know.

    Man, that sounds cynical, even to me. Meh. Whatever. But I do suspect sleazy pitches still work for those who are new or desperate, or both. If you're neither, the pitches DO sound pretty pathetic lately.

    Maybe you've outgrown your lists and need new ones?
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    Theres nothing worse than exit pop after exit pop. I wonder what the conversion rates are for pop number 5?

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