How to make a video clickable?

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I have embedded a video on my website - the video was produced with Camtasia Studio 7 and is hosted on Amazon S3. (I have already gone through previous threads but could not solve the problem).

I would like to make the whole video clickable. For example, I will have a callout in the video saying "click anywhere on this video to go to etc...."

I have seen it on some videos but don't know how to do it.

Thanks for your replies.
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    I am not sure about Camtasia 7 but in 6 use the "callout" feature. add a new Custom call out. Browse to the image you want to use i.e. an order button or sign up button graphic.
    Then make this a flash hotspot and set the Flash hot spot properties. This will allow you to set up a URL. Re render your video and then when the hotspot appears it is clickable and when clicked it will take the user to the URL.
    Now I am not sure if this will work when hosted on Amazons3 but does work if you host on your own server.
    Hope this helps
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    YOUTUBE! Use it!

    It has awesome - call to action - tools for people to enrich the experience.

    I knew one company who just had one - really intricate youtube video as their website.

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