Youtube OD?

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Hey I am currently doing a lot of video marketing through Youtube, Revver, and Veoh for my small business selling music instrumentals.

I can make a video pretty quickly (10-15 minutes or so) and am getting quicker at it.

My plan is to upload a ton of short vids (30-45 seconds), each targeted for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. I plan to saturate the video sites with videos for just about every keyword phrase i can think of.

Is this a good plan? Or am I wasting my time? Should I keep the mindset of uploading tons of videos, or should I only put up, say, 15-20, and allot my time to something else?

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    With your plans, you better have a massive list of proxies or it will be a waste of time.

    Sounds almost like spamming though, and i'm 100% against all forms of spam.

    If I were you, I would focus on more "Quality" than "Quantity"
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      Thanks for the reply, Chris.

      Yea you're right I'd better just stick to a handful of quality vids.

      For some reason I'd never thought of posting a ton of vids as spamming, because it's not really forcing anyone upon anything moreso than allowing people to find my vids from their own searches.
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          Yeah. NOt a good idea to spam Youtube.
          Its always better to get 100,000 views with one vid rather than get 10 views per 10,000 vids.
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