Is this REALLY where the money is??

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Aside from Ed Dale, I don't subscribe to other internet marketer's list. But today, I thought I should in hope that I would pick up a few pointers for my own e-mail marketing campaign (no, I am not in the IM niche)..

Anyway, I subscribe to one guy (not from WF) and the very first message he sent me is this.

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He didn't even bother to send me a welcome or thank you letter.

The link goes to a clickbank affiliate product that claims to teach people how to make over $50000 in 4 days.

I felt so disrespected, offended and angry toward him that I decided to reply back with this:

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Maybe I am wrong due to my lack of experience in e-mail marketing. So, my question is this: For all of who successful IMers in here, are these the kind of e-mails that convert?!?!
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    That's how terrible these people have become. They throw promotions at every Dick and Harry. It's really bad.

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    • The reason why I'm not in the Internet Marketing niche

      90% of the information provided in that niche is regurgitated bull****.

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    I have natural bullsh*t filter which for many years I felt prevented me from opportunities. When I see stories like this, I'm thankful I have it!
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    The first 5 seconds of reading would have set off several BS alarms and I'd have unsub'ed and not even continued reading.

    nothing to see here.

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      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      The first 5 seconds of reading would have set off several BS alarms and I'd have unsub'ed and not even continued reading.
      Exactly so.

      it doesn't take any great judgement or experience to click the "unsubscribe" link when you receive an email like this?!
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    There's a market for cursing, hooker referencing marketers, but you're right, the copy is terrible and provocative in a bad way. Was his signup page done like this?

    I subscribed long ago to a woman who I knew for a fact to be making over $500K a year. Her site was pretty basic but her newsletter/sub was beyond terrible, to the point I almost emailed and offered to proofread for her.

    Really have to wonder if some of these folks even read their own copy.
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    I was actually cleaning toilets in a strip club. I bought the membership and they instantly gave me a magic software that was made by the US navy seals to fund their covert operations. I pressed 6 buttons and now I'm a Mega-millionaire, I took my brand spankin new Porsche for a ride down the Malibu coast and then stopped at the beach and then I made the most passionate scream showing my love for my hot supermodel wife. Thank you scammastersmembershipsystem you guys changed my life. :rolleyes:

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      I think it was horrible tbh.
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    Off course I unsubscribe right after. Like I said before, I lost interest in what he had to say after the first line. I just wanted to finish reading so I could have an example of what NOT to do.
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    i knew it would end like this.... HEY HEY, I THINK YOU SHOULD BUY FROM THIS LINK? I knew these types of borrowing/requests in email campaigns would get old in a few years down the road!

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    Your question does this copy make money... yes.

    The IM niche is full of people who jump from one course to the next. They love being told that what they are doing isn't working because they've been told lies (not their fault) and so they connect at least a little with the e-mail.

    This looks like copy provided by the product owner and I'll admit I used to send these out, but now I only send them out with my take on the product, who it's for and who it's not for. The conversions on my non-hypey, honest review are about equal to the hypey company supplied pitch. I just feel better about my e-mails.
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      My opinion is that you should unsubscribe to any of the subscriptions that you deem unnecessary.
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        that email copy is from the affiliates area of Commission Overload. I dont like that type of copy, it is insulting to me, perhaps not to someone who is completely new to IM.

        Too bad for that internet marketer, he could have done a better job promoting that product. Apparently it is doing really well.
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          when it was released as a WSO, it sold like 1700 copies in less than 2 weeks, i,m glad i was one of them, i,ve never made decent money in anything until this (commission overload) came along, and NO, i,m NOT promoting it, not my deal
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            Maybe you just timed it wrong and got sent a broadcast? Maybe he usually doesn't use hype and was testing? Or maybe if you knew him better you'd know if he was telling the truth?

            I think it's a little harsh to judge by 1 email. Everyone has their own way of doing things.

            In this example he obviously could have done a better job building a relationship before sending a blatant pitch out, but no matter what anyone does someone is bound to be offended...that or noone will be moved at all.

            I don't really get too upset about things like that, I just put it in my head as a mental note about the person, and if it's a regular thing, sure I unsubscribe.
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              Originally Posted by Tyson Faulkner View Post

              Maybe you just timed it wrong and got sent a broadcast? Maybe he usually doesn't use hype and was testing? Or maybe if you knew him better you'd know if he was telling the truth?
              I see the first two reasoning being possible. But, maybe he was telling the truth? Highly unlikely. Any experience marketer knows the chance of going from newbie to 50k in 4 days are 1 in a billion. A better assumption is: Lying through teeth just to take a few sales.
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  • Yip, how to lose your list with one email. I'd love to see the unsubscribe stats for that email
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    I guess he would make more money and get more people in he's list if he would move the offer on the Thank You page and not use the first offer in a welcome email.
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    The problem is the writing, it's that you didn't expect it (probably their fault, not yours).

    There are a lot of people that this email would appeal to. I would never bet on something like this failing, as I've done some things like it myself and seen it's potential.

    The fact that you were unprepared for it is the issue. If he's putting people on his list with experience in IM and an expectation of value, then this email will be a big time failure.

    If he's doing it correctly, then his traffic would be a lot of people who would actually click a link like that, and his opt-in forms would be designed to convert for those kinds of people.

    For someone like you, he would obviously need a different autoresponder series.
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      It's also amazing the things these people write just for sensationalism.

      I mean those are some pretty serious allegations to be making about Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods. Charlie probably wouldn't argue about it but Tiger might not be so pleased to see his name used like that.

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    I've just taken to hitting the spam button for most of those people. I have an e-mail address devoted just for spam and I'm hitting that button constantly because of all the stuff I download, most of which is junk. There are only about three or four people I actually take the time to read Emails from because they send real information and not just pitch after pitch after pitch for more junk I don't want or need.

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    I'd subscribe if I were you. Crummy products at it's best.
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    You know what's great about being an entrepreneur.. is that I only work with people that dig my style. The ones that don't no worries, I understand. I'm not for everyone..but the ones that can look past my disrespectful rants and moments of random shenanigans will make money from my training.

    Just so you know- that Tiger woods, Charlie Sheen headline had around a 15.1% open rate when I tested it on a CB buyers list

    Click here to see screen shot

    It's all about the qualified traffic..

    At the end of the day- the product being promoted is far more superior than the other bull**** on CB- Of course I'm biased

    You warriors should have seen the email I sent today..actually I'll post it for you here.. the Truth shall set you free.. yea maybe I could had got my point across in a sweet and nice manner... but ummm thats just not me-

    subject: Clickbank buyers are stupid..

    You know.. the stupid buyers that purchase the
    magic bullet super fly push this button and
    get 50 sites that make you $1,467,346.24
    while your sleeping on your yacht tomorrow..

    ..the stupid buyers that get their rocks off to have some
    scammer telling them they suck and to leave
    this page right now! RrrrRRRRRR but you
    don't want to leave the page because your strong
    and you want to be lied to..

    did that scare ya?not even a little??

    But why not- I'm super cool CB Guru
    and you should buy my **** because I hired
    a $30,000 copywriter to purposely mind ****
    you just so I can rip you off.

    Your so stupid! - because the only thing your doing
    is losing money and giving it directly to the people
    that are misleading you and ruining any real
    chance for you to make money online..

    Listen.. I'm a stupid Clickbank buyer too- I admit it..

    I have believed their lies for years, purchased all
    their products, opened all their emails and purchased
    anything they ever said.. until one day I broke away from
    the smoke and mirrors and saw what was on the other side

    the Truth..

    a close marketing buddy at the time and CB guru
    said.. "Tim, Clickbank buyers are stupid" and then
    he went on to explain that the only thing that matters
    at the end of the day are the products EPC's(earnings per click)

    If that # is high then they promote, they don't review the product,
    they don't care and so basically what is happening is they totally
    focus on Sales Copy and create ****ty products and then the
    CB "syndicate" come together and say OK promote my ****
    we have a great sales letter that converts because I just paid
    Mr. XXXX copywriter ninja dude to mind **** everyone- Yay! High five!!

    Then come launch day everyone mails, stupid clickbank buyers
    that are already pre-conditioned to open all their emails - see
    the cool sales video/sales letter and their like WOW- I only have to
    push this button?!.. and because the buyer is stupid they totally forget
    the past 297,997 frauducts they purchased where they didn't make
    any money because they just got sucked into the hype.

    So the end result is a 40% refund rate for the Guru and no successful
    students,, oops I mean stupid buyers

    You see the truth is- for this industry(Internet Marketing-Make Money)
    to stay healthy there needs to constantly be new up and coming Internet
    marketers making money- Period end of story- It's like with any type of
    economy we need thriving businesses.

    But the largest marketplace on the PLANET- Clickbank has
    1,000's of unethical GURU's brainwashing the struggling newbie's

    on what it really takes to make the money they are!!

    Hellooo stupid Clickbank buyers don't you get it?!!

    Now like I said I was a stupid Clickbank buyer for years
    and man when I realized the truth it made me feel real stupid.

    Now here's my disclaimer- There always has been and there still
    are a lot of ethical Information Marketers on CB and Clickbank
    by far is one of my favorite merchants and marketplaces online
    because I know the positive power it possesses.

    You might not hear too much about those ethical CB Guru's because
    your a stupid buyer that lives in a fantasy world ruled by the unethical

    CB warlords

    ok ok I can count on 1 hand ethical CB guru's with integrity that
    you know..but what sucks is that their are so so so many more
    unethical CB marketers because it's just easier to be a scammer..

    right?? make sense- are you still with me??

    I'm not sure what campaign or how you landed on my list
    but I'm sure a big portion of you have been that
    stupid Clickbank buyer like I have and like these Guru's joke

    I like to consider myself a marketer with integrity and a
    ethical marketer. I might teach "think outside the box" methods
    drink a lot of patron and curse like a sailor..

    but I care about you and I care about your success
    because I know what this industry needs to stay healthy
    and that is more people creating success and having their
    big break through- seriously that's what needs to happen

    and that starts with investing in training that is not created
    to hurt you but help you obtain your goals and dreams you
    have made for yourself

    make the conscious decision to be a SMART buyer and not a
    stupid one- you can start with doing more research before you
    purchase another project again..

    My partner D.G. and I are 2 marketers that have
    created one of the most extensive Internet Marketing training
    programs on what it really takes to make money online and
    in record time. We already have over 2,000 students and many
    of them finally are having their big breakthroughs due to our

    be a smart buyer and research Commission Overload

    ..don't take my word for it, my students do the **** talking
    for me.. I'm just a guy that has been where you've been and I
    don't want you to make the same mistakes I did

    Talk soon,


    Ps. Let's save our marketplace and Clickbank together

    end email

    I'm not going to lie I had many people not happy with this email and many unsubscribes.. but that's not necessarily a bad thing my friends

    Much love and respect to all the warriors and this forum.

    Talk soon,


    PS. Test drive out CO before you assume is just another one of those CB scams or better yet go to any search engine on the planet and search "commission overload" - real marketing, real people, real results- thats the movement I'm a part of.. what you doin?
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    These people are called "IM Beggers" .. They don't even have time to edit those stupid misleading JV swipes. Making money online is actually "copy paste" job for these people. But they will only end up making quick cash and not "wealth".

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      Originally Posted by cpadualcore View Post

      These people are called "IM Beggers" .. They don't even have time to edit those stupid misleading JV swipes. Making money online is actually "copy paste" job for these people. But they will only end up making quick cash and not "wealth".
      Unfortunately I have seen marketers and good marketers use this and become successful.

      But then they realise it only works for a time, and people get sick of it.

      Yes you can add your own personality, but really you have to ask yourself do you see these guys last. I mean really see longevity in any niche. That answer my friends in a BIG FAT NO!
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    Lol if that converts then were all gonna be millionaires pretty soon.

    What a complete NOOB!
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      Originally Posted by erichammer View Post

      I've just taken to hitting the spam button for most of those people. I have an e-mail address devoted just for spam and I'm hitting that button constantly because of all the stuff I download, most of which is junk. There are only about three or four people I actually take the time to read Emails from because they send real information and not just pitch after pitch after pitch for more junk I don't want or need.

      You hit the spam button instead of unsubscribing when you don't like the content of an email? Sorry, but that's just plain wrong. Spam is unsolicited - you signed up so it's not spam and it's completely unfair to report someone for spam because you are either too lazy to hit the unsubscribe or trying to somehow punish the marketer because you didn't like an email.
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    If that product converts that i should of been a millionaire years ago. "The holy grail of Marketing," that just makes me laugh because its so out there and stupid.
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    I don't think he was personally attacking the way you make money...

    unfortunately...thats the world that we IM'ers live

    You really dug into him though huh?


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  • Profile picture of the author eyevad
    Seriously Guys

    i cannot believe the people dissing this product without even checking it out correctly, i,ve been in IM for about 30 months and FAILED at everything, most i ever made was $9 from some CPA offer and i did,nt get it cos i need to earn $100 before its released - haha

    i bought this as a $37 WSO = Best Buy i ever made, Not only do the methods work, the advice on the site it 1st class.
    Ok i accept that some of Tim's overview of stuff is a little hypey, (you think for you it's hypey = i,m a freaking Brit - WE DON'T DO HYPE PERIOD)
    If you can't at least accept the product for what it is - then fine - its up to you, Carry on with what your doing thats so successful, No need to look at anything else

    But i,ve seen hypey products and this aint one of them - this even works for a retard like me - i just cant say anymore about how good this product is

    oh sorry- Yes i can
    Go read the other thread on this Product and how a 15yo is making $500 a day implementing only ONE of these methods - and remember, your mind only works when its like a parachute = OPEN
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    I think most of you are mistaking my hype for passion. Give CO a test drive- I promise it will be one hell of a ride Much respect warriors

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    Reducing your lists of internet mkt ppl selling you advice is the first step towards making money online

    ---> My blog on making niche sites & ranking them with SEO for a full time income since 2010 !<----

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