Looking for the best, cheapest Multi IP address hosting plan.

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I hope I haven't duplicated this question. I'm a newbie to IM and just bought the Ultimate SE Loophole program. It looks like something I can handle and would like to know if all you warriors can give me some advise on finding the best, cheapest Multi IP address hosting company.

I've been lurking for some time now and finally decided to jump in. This forum is awesome. There is so much knowledge and talent here.


Gene J
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    Check out some of the reseller options at HostNine. You have to pay for the extra IP's beside the first 2, but they allow you to host each site in 1 of 10 different countries. That's what you want to do if you want to dissociate your sites so you can interlink them.

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      Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

      Those are probably mutually exclusive
      Had to chuckle at that one. Yah, I guess I want my cake and eat it too.

      I'll go take a look at hostnine. Thanks guys for the tip.

      Gene J
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        Hi guys... I originally went with webhostingforseo.com... had some support issues... I then went with gotwebhost.com, but I can't stand the DirectAdmin software... I personally find C-Panel much easier. I already have a dedicated server with hostgator with whom I've been very happy with. I heard about their parent company seohosting.com, but it was a little pricey. Anyway... after much negotiating, I've been able to get a much better offer. I've asked if they'll extend the offer to msn loophole customers and they've agree. Here's the info if you want to give seohosting.com (hostgator) a try. I've been very happy to say the least. Cheers - Derek

        Go ahead and order directly from the site, but follow the instructions below:


        1. Enter an existing domain

        2. Select a 5 C Class plan

        3. Use the coupon code "35off" to get the order 100% free for the first month

        4. Select Continue

        5. Fill in your order details and be sure to include the phrase "MSNLOOPHOLE" in the comments field.

        6. Send a quick email to chad@hostgator.com with your domain name and tell him that you used the "MSNLOOPHOLE" coupon and you need to be upgraded to the 10 C-Class package for $50 per month.

        I've personally talked with Chad and he said he'll easily get this done within 1-2 business days and set a price override to $50 dollars per month for as long as you keep the account. I've used both webhostingforseo.com and gotwebhost.com, but I've been much happier with hostgator's seohosting.com; if your looking for new or additional SEO Hosting... you may want to consider this deal I've been able to directly work out with the hostgator sales director. btw... the first month is free.
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    I use Hostnine for that very reason. 2 dedicated IPS and 10 shared IPS from 10 locations around the world.

    < $20 a month...sweet

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    I heard that hostexcellence or ixwebhosting will give you a number of multiple Class ips for their basic plan although they do not promise that. Their plans are very cheap but I have also heard some bad things about them. So do your research first before you go ahead.


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