$0.30 per day banner ad for a site that gets 150 unique visitors a day. Is it worth it?

by Rylynn
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I got an offer from someone who would allow me to place my banner on his site for 0.30 per day. His site gets 150 visitors per day but I have no idea if the price is worth it.

Any experts on media buys can tell me if this is a good investment? I know it all depends on the CTR eventually, but in general would this price be worth it?
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    Well worth is totally dependent on the conversion rate. If you get a couple of clicks a day you're paying $.15/click, if you get 1 click a day you're paying $.30/click, if you think your landing page will profit on that over the long term then it'll be a good deal, if not don't do it.

    If you've got no metrics on how well your site converts and your average visitor worth, then it's pretty much a coin toss, i'd say give it a blast and see what's what if it won't make much difference to your bottom line.

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    Thanks Zulfus. I guess I'll give it a go.

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  • At such low price it'd be silly not to test it out for a month. Make sure to toss in some tracking to verify the amount of traffic delivered and whether the traffic converts though.
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    I'd guess if he has 10 such banners, and 10% of visitors go into the banners, then you'd get 1 to 2 visits a day. Test it out :-)

    Since you are paying per day, and not per click, make sure your banner copy or artwork makes it stand out as the one to be clicked. Animation if used well can help. Make the message relevant to his audience.

    Each extra click you get on a day is free remember!

    E.g. if it is a fishing site, a picture of a man with a fishing rod and "Free Guide Guarantees You'll Catch Bigger Carp" might be good for example.
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    Thanks to all the great replies!

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    I wouldn't go for it. You will get 2-3 clicks at most and 10 cents/click is expensive.
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      Originally Posted by surferman View Post

      I wouldn't go for it. You will get 2-3 clicks at most and 10 cents/click is expensive.

      I'd kill for $0.10 per click on targeted traffic.
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    My guess is that you'll be paying 20 to 30 cents a click so judge it based on the type of visitors his site gets and how compatible it is to your ad. At 150 visits/month there will probably be days you get 0 clicks, so on average of 30 days...

    I can deliver more traffic for cheaper but I'll have to see what you are promoting first, it might not be compatible. PM me if interested.
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    Let's see, 4500 uniques a month for nine bucks. Pretty good to me. Now your job is to create one or more really compelling banners and make sure your landing page or whatever is in tip top shape. This is a freekin no-brainer.
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    Originally Posted by daniel900 View Post

    It's not worth it.
    Why not?

    The banner would get 4,500 impressions. I'm not sure how many clicks that would get you, but let's assume just 1% click through to the OPs site.

    That's 45 clicks for $9 - or $0.2 per click.

    It's not hard to earn more than $0.2 per visitor. In fact it's really easy.

    For just $9 for one month I'd definitely be inclined to give this a go.

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