Coupon Websites - How to and Other Questions

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When someone sets up a coupon website for customers to either print or click a link for a discount deal, where does the website owner get these coupons and how are they uploaded to a site? (I don't mean uploaded as in ftp, but rather, added to and maintained on the site so that they remain current.) Does the coupon owner or website owner have to manage all the coupons posted on the site?

I'm thinking of sites like Coupons, Discounts and Cash Back Shopping and Hottest coupon codes, Hottest deals and discount - CouponSnapshot Canada

Do the merchants at sites like Commission Junction publish coupon links for sites like these. Or does the website owner have to call each advertiser individually and ask them to post a coupon?

How does someone set up sites like these? These sites are massive.

This is not a website design question, it is a revenue generating question. I would like to know how these sites generate revenue for the owners.
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