My Plan Towards Freedom! Is this Possible?

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Dear Warrior,

here is what i've decided to do to change my life once and for all. It is a long term project and i would love to hear what you think about it....

The plan in a nutshell:

Build a list and an audience with a niche blog and the launch my first low ticket product for $7/10.

The financial target i would like to hit is 300 sales.That would impact my life forever! The timeframe i would love to achieve the product launch is 3 to 6 months donwn the line.
(Obviously because of the sale price affiliates are out of the equation so i'll have to work my socks off to pull this out!)

The Project Overview:

The niche has nothing to do with IM at all. I'm passionated about the topic and i have knowledge and experience that i can leverage for the blog and the membership site.

This is the first blog i'm planning to build as a business and i'm well aware that blogging takes a lot of work to implement but hey, everyone starts from somewhere right?

The organic results for the exact match of most of my primary kws are less than 10,000 and i can drill the niche a bit more. The industry is healthy with sponsored ads and Clickbank has something like 3 dozens digital products.

The product range presents a few membership sites already priced from as low as $3 to $150. Digital products are available in all formats and physical products as well completing the line with high tickets seminars and training courses selling for few thousand $$.

There are few huge related forums active on a daily basis and most of the blogs are kind of disorganized and hosted by free companies like blogger or That's why i think that a well structured blog would help me to dominate my sub-niche.

Setting up the blog and creating the a mix of personal and seo content won't be a problem for me. What i'm concerned about is the traffic side of the business. Growing the blog organically will take time and constant effort which is fine but will i be able to receive enough daily hits within the timescale i set in order to be able to launch the membership site?

I know that for most of you great warriors launching a $7 product and close 300 sale it's small stuff but for me is life changing stuff.

What do you think? Is it possible to do this in less than 6 months or i should re-think my plan for a better strategy?

Please be brutally honest with me as i welcome all comments.


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    Instead of commenting directly on your model, I would like to just give you a little inspiration.

    "Is this possible?" is a magical question. And I would like to simply answer it, with, YES!

    As long as your remain consistent, and you persevere anything is possible. You must believe in yourself before anyone else can and will believe in you.

    I believe your model will work, building a list is paramount - you already know that. Treat your list right, you're list will treat you right.

    I am willing to do today what other's aren't, so I can live tomorrow, how other's can't.

    Are you?
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    I would say believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities and if you make that kind of a commitment... it will work :-)
    Learn why you internet business is not making any sales and what you can do to change it.
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      Take Concrete steps - it's easy for folks to say "stick with it," or "now you're talking," etc.

      It is even easier for you to say "im changing my life so it'll happen."

      IT WONT HAPPEN ...



      Expect to tinker - even the best laid plans need modification from time to time. Fail early and fail often - these failures are TEMPORARY SETBACKS - the only true failure is Quitting and giving up.

      Once you have committed to action is when you have committed to success.

      So, with that said, I will now post links to TWO threads that YOU MUST read - I dont care WHEN you read through them or in WHAT order - just read them. ALL OF YOU - read them - it's good for you.


      Good Luck and Best Wishes

      - JT
      "The Path to success is not a straight line but a jagged, broken road which we must piece together & make our own."

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