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I'm developing some real estate ads for posting in my city. I DON'T want to cross post to multiple cities NOR top post the exact same ad.

I'm not looking for a spam tool.

I simply want to be able to post the 100 ads I've created for different properties. But it's a poor use of time to do so manually.

Anyone using a good tool which you can load ads into and schedule when you want the tool to post them?

And preferrably repost them each 48 hour time period in line with Craigslist TOS?


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    Checking back after 12 hours and no replies? I know someone has some experience using craigslist locally with a scheduling software. Any input is helpful. Thanks.

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    Do you already know how to post manually in bulk without tripping the spam filters? If not, scheduling software is not what you need. All software does is automate what you already know how to do. Once you start posting bulk on CL, its a whole different game. Posting bulk ads on CL nowadays is very expensive as well. Seeing as you want to post 100 ads a day, you're looking at needing at least 200 PVA accounts (good ones that don't get reset in a few days are usually ~$5-$7 EACH, and about 200 clean IPs. Trip up some spam filters and you'll find all of your PVAs that you paid so much for will be banned, PW reset (costs $$$ for PVA provider to unlock them), etc). Like I said, it will get very expensive when you start posting in bulk. Worry about learning HOW to post before you even CONSIDER automation scheduling software. If you don't know how to post already its like multiplying 1000 by 0. It will still be zero. Anyways, if you have the $$$ to shell out, let me know.

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