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Why is all you folk gits all stirred up bout thut thar Kevin Riley? You'd think thut thar boy wus some sorta guru or sumthin like thut! I shore wud like to be a knowin why he gits everfolks drawers all up in a knot!

Cud it be cause he likes to wander round behind all the little critters? Heck, we gots a name fer folks like thut thar back in this here part of the woods... we call em kinfolk!

Anyhew, kin sumbody please be a tellin me whuts so consarn good bout thut thar Riley boy?

I shore dew thank yew!
#kevin #riley
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    Lolz. That is too funny
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      Well G`day Boss Hogg,

      LTNS ... howz that bewdiful sister of yours Daisy goin`?
      You marrie ... uhhh .. I mean IS she married yet!??

      Riley is the Hamster King mate ... covers everything

      Christopher J.
      WSO --> HOMEPAGER <--- WSO
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