Individual Costumization Optimize-Press Design ?

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Hello Dear Warriors. I am running an OptimizePress Site. I know there are several possibilitys to design the Theme with OP, but i am looking for somebody, who could help me to costumize the Design a littlebit. ie: A Backgoud or some small Graphics here and there around the Contend. I surely will pay you the work.

A great example is this site done in OP: >> localmobilemonopoly .com/

Please any offers or ideas by PM or email.

Thanks a lot
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    A great example is this site done in OP: >> localmobilemonopoly .com/
    That is not an OP site. It's a static HTML site.
    It buys my product or it gets the hose
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      Oh thanks then i got the wrong informations. But is it possible to do something nearly that? I mean...maybe a backgound image and some effects around the Content Area? It shouldn't only appear on this Squeezepage but also on the internal Salespages as the same Design with the same header.
      Would be delighted if anybody would have an idea or a minute to help me ;-)
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    ive used OP for some time now, what do you need to know?
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    Just go through the tutorial videos. It's very simple to change the background or header images. As for putting images in around the text that is also very simple too - no different to if you were using any other Wordpress theme.

    It's much better to just take a little extra time and learn how to do this yourself. That way you can fire out these pages in the future without having to rely on someone else to get the work done.
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