Is there anything better than roboform?

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From past so many years, i am using roboform. But there is one issue with it, roboform only fill form for the tab which is open. Now, lets say i got 100 tabs open and with one click, i want to fill all the 100 tabs. Is this possible with any other firefox plugin?

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    I'm not aware of any other better product than Roboform. I've been using it for a couple of years and searched for quite a while to find other products like it. But, it is clearly the best.
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    Not even Robocop can measure up to Roboform!
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    before roboform I used to use Keepas which is free software. It wasn't that bad. Firefox also has a function to save your passwords, but I wasn't too sure whether data can be saved. Roboform, is definitely reccommend, nothing else can compare to it.

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    I too am a Roboform user. I don't know of anything that will fill in 100 tabs at once... if you find one let me know.
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    Roboform is the bomb. they really ticked me off a few months ago when they messed up their "autofill" feature because I was using it for entire pages of text, but it's fixed again.

    I'd be so dead in the water w/out it.
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      Probably not, unless you code your own.
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        Just Google it.

        I've used Roboform and this beats it hands down for free.
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    I use Lastpass. It's free and I really like it. But I don't know if it would be able to
    fill in 100 forms at a time. good luck, Please let us know what solution you end
    up using.

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