I need recommendation for PLR, MMR and resale right products

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Hi everyone,

I just signed up as a member today so I am totally new to here.

I wanted to purchase some good quality PLR, MMR and resale right products in non-IM niches. Can any of you recommend some of the reliable sites to purchase all these stuffs? No membership sites thanks, it would be good if you can point me to those "one-stop" kind of store.

Thanks a lot and hope to receive your comments soon.
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    Hi ! I found this great website called plrwholesaler
    which is offering
    free lifetime membership
    for PLR
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    Hi guopei01,

    Thanks for your recommendation. I'll take a look at that site.
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  • Check out the link in my signature. No membership required.
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    PLR- Private Label Rights Article Packs By Tiffany Dow is no membership - has 5 for $5 packs on the index page then has a section for reports, longer email packs, and mega batches that have 5 page reports plus 52 individual articles/emails.
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      I'm interested in PLR but I have a question. How many other people get the same article?Is it the type of situation where after a certain number of people buy the article,it's not sold anymore?


      By the way, I checked out your site Tiffany. It's very interesting and I found the artiles on PLR informative.
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        Hi Joanne,

        I think it all depends. What I know is if you get the PLR from some quality paid membership sites, then the number of people that getting same article with you is limited, because only those members will get that.

        If the PLR are some old cheap articles that already circulated around for a long time, then you can't estimate how many of them are getting the same content out there.

        The problem is not how many people are getting the same article as you. The thing is you have to make some difference in that so you are fully utilize the power of PLR.
        I've once subscribed to two different internet marketers, and both of them were using the same PLR article to follow-up me. So I ended up unsubscribed from one of them because there is no point for me to read the exactly same content.

        The moral of the story, even that you are using PLR article as others. At least, make some difference from them. For example, add in one or two sentence of your own words, change the article title, link it to your product or insert your affiliate link.

        You can search for some of the products that teaching you how to make difference with your PLR. I highly recommend Jimmy D. Brown.

        Hope this help.
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    Check my sig.

    Also look at John Delavera's Turbo membership. Thi thing is huge:
    (aff link)
    TurboMembership.com (non aff)
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    Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks! This is exactly what I am looking for! Hey you did a great job seriously, I like your idea of "mini-mart".

    Just wonder how long you usually add the new articles and can we request for specific niche's articles?

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    Don't worry about repeat PLR content, just make some small changes.

    I recently read an article called "How to rewrite a plr article in 7 minutes"
    I'm sorry I don't know if it's available anywhere but in the Content Goldmine (which is a membership site) so that might not be much help. It was written by Paul Evans, you might google it.

    When I read it I realized what a snap a rewrite is.

    It's not hard to make a few changes to an article so that it's uniquely yours. Just change the title to a good keyword and change the first sentence of the article to include that keyword.

    Go through the article one paragraph at a time. Read it, jot down it's key points then write those points in your own words. Go to the next paragraph. Repeat those steps.

    After you've done a few, you'll be skipping the middle step of jotting down a few key points and you'll just do it quickly from memory. Just read the paragraph and type it in your own words. Go on to the next paragraph.

    There was a wso offered by humanrewriter.com that sounded very good too. I haven't used them, but I plan to.

    People use plr in different ways too, so as long as you make some changes to it, I wouldn't worry about anyone else's being just like yours no matter where it comes from. Some will use a program like Audacity and turn it into audio content and some will turn it into video content. Put some pretty pictures into windows movie maker and read the text with it.

    Many people who are members of plr and mrr sites never do anythng with the content.
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    I checked Tiffany's site too. I'm always looking for new content. Nice site, I'll be visiting.
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    If you are looking for PLR and MRR products, please check my website: Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights Products
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    Tiffany and everyone in this thread are very helpful!
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    welcome to the wf

    Here is a few excellent links

    a really plr pack

    and for a great master resale rights products check these out:

    good luck with your business

    kind regards

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    You can check some of the plr packs which I'm currently offering as WSO, in my Sig below

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    Typically I have found that a membership site will give you better deals and discounts on PLR,MRR,etc rather buying independantly.

    Frank Bruno
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    Check out Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights,Master Resell Rights, Private Label Resale Rights, ebooks

    They have a large selection of Ebooks, Audio, and Video PLR, RR, and MRR and no I don't own it. I am just a customer.

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    Obviously I am biased, but the MRR Membership has been around since the end of 2006, so it's one of the oldest, we also have close to 1300 products to download, use or resell.

    We're a crazy bunch because we add something new everyday for members, a lot of folks have copied that style, but it's never been surpassed. Check out my sig below to view the membership.

    @rsteadm2 - I wouldn't purchase from that site if I were to use YOUR money, I cannot even tell you the amount of problems that site has caused with regards to the wrong rights being sold. He targeted Ginny Culp once for whatever reason, and Ginny is one of the nicest people I have met.

    That site = BAD news, but that's just my opinion, most of my members know my feelings about that site, to each his own.
    Still Going Strong Since 2006!
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    Can I plug my own site?

    I stock all original stuff created by hand, and I do a lot of different kind of items like themes, templates, graphics and so on, as well as well as your more common text based products like articles and ebooks.

    Here you go: Net Profiteers
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    If you can read between the line (I mean below the line) you may find
    a very good offer indeed.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Hi and welcome!

    I write non-IM and IM PLR and sell them in bundles by topic. You can just purchase what you need at AllstarPLR, it's not a membership site.

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