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Anyone know of any good Dating Site Software? I'm looking for a high end - fully featured solution that is tried and tested.

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    by dating site software, do you mean affiliate program?
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      Sorry - Let me clarify. I am looking for software with which IO can create my own dating site. Some sort of CMS that is made specifically for setting up dating sites.
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    I have never heard of a software that can do this but please reply back here or PM me if you find what you're looking for it sounds cool.
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    How about White Label Dating :: Home

    I don't have any experience with it myself but it looks pretty slick. It's used by some pretty big sites out there like MensHealth.
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    ah OK, i get your point now.. hmm seems interesting
    i do have dating niches but never thought of establishing a website myself.
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    Originally Posted by burnsai View Post


    Anyone know of any good Dating Site Software? I'm looking for a high end - fully featured solution that is tried and tested.


    try these

    PG Dating Software - PHP scripts for Online and Mobile Dating, Personals, Networking and Matchmaking sites

    SkaDate - Dating Software | Dating Script with Free Templates

    Free Social Networking Software - dotSilver Platform

    good luck with your project

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    Would advise white label if you don't have a huge budget, and remember you'll need members, no one will join an "empty" website

    PM me for more info
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        If the person doesn't know how to do software install etc they are easier solutions that cost just a domain name, the key is the traffic. PM me for tips
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    I created my own. Frankly. it is not that easy. Still, you need a database with profiles and images. Also, I created a forum and a chat room. Expect to spend a few months in this process. However, you will have a site the is not a cookie cutter copy. Hey, in this market it pays to be unique. Oh wow, did I say pays. Do not make the mistake I made and promote OK STUPID as that is not my favorite company. Well, I am not the sharpest pencil in the class room.
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    Signature - Upto 75% Discount on SSL Certificates & Website Scanner. If you don't find what you looking for, raise a support query and we will get you that SSL Certificate.
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    I have found that provides a good and open source dating scripts. They are also provide some great features and modules, The script is free to download.
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    Sorry but I have never tried making a dating site using a software. I asked my friend he game me an idea of using Cyber Match from It's a great script to begin a dating site. They have photos, the instant messenger, payment gateway and so forth characteristics yet I am not certain about facebook interface. You have the option contact them for more info. You can also check Dating Pro (datingpro dot com) that has most of the options included. You can try out these two; I think this will help you.
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    The best in Dating Pro is that it has been developed in collaboration with real end users, whose requests and suggestions are reflected in its rich functionality and a flexible web-based admin area.

    dating website for black singles
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    In my experience PG Dating Pro is the worst case, simply disaster to work with that company and using their script, if one issue is gone next one will happen, absolutely not state of software technology in 2014, even free scripts work better. Don't waste your time your bucks there are far better scripts out there. Their 100% Moneyback guarantee is a scream, just another Russian company who pretends to have their domicile in US. To get an idea read the reviews on hotscrips. If had read it before never wasted my time and money.
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      From what I know, you are talking about custom modifications among other things. Although we do provide technical support for free, we cannot possibly develop extra features for no cost at all. If you want something extra, code it yourself or employ a freelancer. Access to source code will be necessary, because in the encoded version (the one you purchased) only the basic modifications can be performed.
      Also, you did receive your money back, so please do not mislead the readers of this blog into doubting that we meet our commitments.
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    Try socialoop. It's a social networking software but it can also used it as dating. And there are lots of plugin there also.
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    There might be an extensive WP Theme that you can do this on. Hm...
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    i think these days white label dating site provider is the better way to go ...
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    The best dating site software? Custom. Without a doubt. You'll thank me in the long-run.

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    Actually i did not use it yet for myself. But i heard about this website Datingscript from my friends. So i did go there for you and see there lot of good comments. May be they have solid product. Looks pretty good.
    Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.
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      There are tons of White Label dating site themes and scripts available so won't list them as so many already been suggested here. The biggest hurdle is getting the initial momentum, i.e. members paid or free, not easy to populate the initial site. Searching through the many answers to this issue there are many that suggest using "fake" profiles and as many stating it's not a good strategy. Personally I would (if budget allows) use social media, Facebook specifically as can be so easily targeted and with re-targeting tools to directly advertise to people who visited sites (maybe Match dot com or similar) it could be a cost effective way of obtaining the essential initial members. Hope this is helpful, even if it maybe generates a few more suggestions for you. I don't honestly think the building of the site is a big deal, getting members is.

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