Make you at least $5k/mth. How much would you pay?

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This is a repetition of my previous poll. I hope to do it again because I didn't provide much details for the previous poll. The results may not be accurate.

It is about a business idea I've -- "High-end Niche Business Development". I'm not afraid of others using this idea. Actually, I hope they use it. It's a great way to horn business skills, gain reputation, make money, and the most important of all -- gain opportunities to strategic partnership with successful business people.

The "High-end Niche Business Development" isn't new. Online wise, there are people doing it, but not many. Perhaps it is tedious to most.

Offline wise, many consultants are using this idea to make a great income. I myself am an example.

Two years ago, I helped an freelance acupuncturist to start up a clinic for cats and dogs. This isn't just a simple clinic. It offers service to exotic, expensive cats and dogs, because the pet owners usually have deep pockets and are not stingy. Through 'bribed' connection with the presidents of 'high-end' cats and dogs owner associations, I get customers for the acupuncturist. I basically did everything within the agreement.

The start up fund was around 50K US dollars. The projection is to make an average yearly net of 100K within 3 years. After 2 years, the yearly net revenue is around 120K, and it is increasing. The acupuncturist is now my strategic partner in other pet business.

As you can see, this isn't a get-rich-quick idea. But it can make you super rich if you plan and work properly.

The purpose of this polling is to determine the price point of my service that I'm going to launch. By the way, you won't find it in WSO.

Please read carefully. Thanks.

The client pays X dollars to develop one high-end niche business. I guarantee an average monthly net of at least $5,000 after 6 months.

Here's what my team (consists of writer, video maker, and programmer) and I will do for the client:

  • Pick one high-end online niche that consists of big-money buyers.
  • Develop a range of high-end supplement products according to information products that the buyers have already bought.
  • The high-end supplement product will be an instructional video, audio, or software. Written format will be considered if it is necessary.
  • In charged of copywriting, sales, marketing, web page design, graphics and product distribution.
  • All payment, refund, tax issues, and papers will be my responsibility within 6 months.
  • All business operations will be run under the client's pen name, because we're in publishing business.
  • All details of operations will be kept in a confidential diary (blog style) for client's daily access.
  • All details of orders will be updated for client's private access. Again, blog style.
Client's Protection Policy:

  • It's actually like double moneyback guarantee.
  • In case the average monthly net of at least $5K isn't achieved within 6 months, client will get back X dollars -- the initial paid amount.
  • Deal is not over yet. Because I'll run the business for another 6 months. (All payment, refund, tax issues, and papers are still my responsibility,)
  • In case the objective isn't reached after 12th month, the client will get back another same amount of X dollars. Plus all operations will be taken over by the client. The client will also have full control over the products, sales material, web site, domain name, customer list, and everything.
All these will be printed in a legal agreement and signed by me on the dotted line.

As you can see, even if the goal fails, the client still gets back 2 times the initial paid amount plus a business that is making some money, which I estimate it to be around $2K monthly net.

If I succeed, I want my client to be my strategic partner in the same field. That's the only requirement.

Some people may ask "Can you really afford to refund?"

Yes I can. Because I run the business under my bank account. I'm getting all profits which will be used to improve the product. And part of it will be a reserved fund just in case I fail to deliver my promise. This business model can definitely work.

So, imagine you are my potential client. I take away all the hassles and give you a business that makes at least $5K month net after 6 or 12 months. You're protected by the Client's Protection Policy which will be signed in an agreement. How much would you pay for it?

Please give me your poll. My selling price will be based on the results. Thanks.



Actually the initial cost to develop such business is around $1,000. That's my estimation. Therefore, the lower price point you can poll is $699. The highest is $999. Whatever the outcome is, I've already reserved a fund to make this business work.
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    i would pay 999

    Get on my early bird list to buy profitable and established adsense websites!!!

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    Hi Hardi,

    If you're providing money back guarantee, and a high possibility of creating a brick-n-mortar biz generating recurring $5K/mth, I'd go for $999.

    Question is - the credibility and feasibility of the entire project.
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    If you're doing all the work to make someone $5k per month, you'd be a fool to sell it for $999. Your opportunity cost for providing this service is $4k per month (not including your actual expenses). You'd be better off doing it for your own sites.

    That said, I'd pay more than $999 if it's proven to work. I'd buy like 10 accounts and make $50,000 per month while paying you less than $10,000 per month.

    The best thing you could do to promote this would be to provide proof of someone making that amount. I'd volunteer to be your guinea pig for free :-).

    Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions without understanding fully. What would the customer be required to do with your system?
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    Are you PMing ALL of the people who vote, or just me?

    Something fishy going on here folks. As Bev Clement says "Tis the season for scammers".

    If it's too good to be true...
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