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Have you ever bought a program or signed up to a program that tells you that there going to show you step by step how to succeed an d all the good bells and whistles you start watching videos and reading material and come to find out thats exactly what you currently do to TRY and make an income?

If so what does that mean? Does it mean that you've been on the right track or its a big fail?
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    It is not a fail if you learned something and used the lesson not to fall for the same crap over and over again.
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      thats happened to me before.
      it just means that stop buying anymore products and keep working on what you are working on till you reach success.

      good luck

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    Stuff like this happens I hate it more when they tell you they show you step by step and 90% of the videos they just tell you how to sign up for blogs and stuff
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    I never worked with those programs and fact is I dont believe those programs.
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    I have never signed up such paid programs but I have signed up in many
    of similar free site.

    But all i get after giving them my email is about 2-3 emails per day with a long and boring and non-working technique with a link to buy something at last.
    Electronics Tutorials : Free online electronics tutorials.
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    Most of what gets launched is just hyped up versions of stuff that's been around for ages. In fact some of the oldest stuff is starting to work better now (with changes to Google). I guess the moral is, stop buying stuff, as you already know how to do it, all you really need is determination.
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    Well, I would take it as a confirmation of what I have been doing is right.

    When all comes to all, none will never make any money if they don't try all they can
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      Yea I bought a couple of these programmes. I suppose some are good and some are bad.
      I'm just going through one at the moment which I fully intend to implement and which I fully expect to make me some money. Its all about taking action with these programmes. Quite easy to sit there and just say 'Oh yea... that could work' and then not do anything about it!
      If you buy one, spend some time implementing it before you decide to move onto another one otherwise you will spend a fortune!!

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    There is so much information out there that we constantly feel the need to learn. Which is good, but don't succumb to analysis paralysis.

    Stop buying programs that promise the holy grail, and work on casting your own!
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      Stop buying and buying. If you keep buying when will you have time to implement?
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