Is it worth bulk buying autopilot sites?

by chrissyb 9 replies
Hello everybody,

About 6 weeks ago I decided to try internet marketing. My background is print, but I'm in a strange country and unemployed.

I invested a bit of cash into some Flippa 'flipped' sites. I took a leap of faith buying them, but I soon realised they were really only worth the domain name, if that. But fine - buying them put me into gear.

My thinking was probably common - buy x sites (eventually) make x $ per site - you're laughing.

I bought four sites and i actually spruced them up a bit - but they generally based on common templates. One of them already ranks top of Google for a pretty interesting key word combination in that niche and I've made 1.33 euros with adsense, on all four sites! Wow.

Will I see this figure increase? Is it worth being patient? They're all crappy oversaturated niches - but should I dig in, should i buy more - does anybody do this and you make money?

You can't really give much time to 50 blogs - so does autoblogging work? Do anybody of you manage a huge portfolio of sites?

Any advice greatly appreciated...

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    Chrissy - Here is something I just wrote in my Flippa auction:

    "If you've been on Flippa long enough you've probably discovered that there are a number of good websites and a number of what I call bad websites. This website has all unique content, which can't be said for most autoblogs. I do not recommend autoblogging with Adsense, but it will work for affiliate type offers. Another thing is many website sellers cannot backup their earnings with analytics or traffic data. This website for sale has an Alexa ranking around 3 million and I am able to provide 3 sources of website traffic analytics. This website also has a number of links pointing to the site. In most cases you need links in order to get free organic traffic from Google. Most websites on Flippa that claim earnings from Adsense have 0 backlinks! In summary, is an excellent investment for both newbies and experts that want stable income month after month."

    Essentially there are a lot of scammers on Flippa and it is a pain because it is ruining it for the legit sellers. A lot of people have a hard time distinguishing a good site from a bad website. Personally, after the recent updates I wouldn't invest money in autoblogging. There are just too many things that can go wrong. You are better off building 50 niche sites with unique content.
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      Excellent - I'm now much more interested in buying your site.

      But it's interesting you said they could work with affiliate type offers.

      Really it's obvious - build a blog from the ground up - take your time. That has to be the mantra.

      Still i'd love to know if anybody has made money on bulk auto blogging...

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    flippa has lot of buyers and sellers.

    some of the sellers are rather inexperience and they do not know what to do.

    may be after reading or attending some course, they decide to flip sites.

    There is magic pill and you have to make them.

    work on your sites, drive traffic and tweak until you get the result that you want
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    Right now. I would pick quality over quantity. The 100 site formula
    may be a thing of the past. I'm just saying, may be.
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    To be honest the build formula looks good on paper - but in reality? I'd love to hear from someone who runs 100 blogs on autopilot and makes a living. To be honest though no blog is 100% autopilot, in my short experience.

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    I think it is better to focus on one authority site now with the google hammer coming. Try to create and focus on one site with unique content, multiple websites that work that much anymore..
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    What's the Google hammer? Algorithm change?

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    I started off my IM journey with an autoblog but have since abandon the website and focus on making my own unique original content.
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    Google hate autoblogs.
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