Who buys PLR articles?

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I see lots of people promoting them, but I can't understand why someone would bother paying $10 for a bunch of articles that already exist on other sites, so wouldn't Google count that as plagiarism?

Forgive my ignorance, if I'm totally out of line here.
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    It's not plagiarism if the seller is giving away the rights to use the work. Most people that buy PLR will rewrite them somewhat to make them unique, it is still much easier and quicker than researching and rewriting your own articles from scratch.

    Not everyone rewrites them, there are many who use them as is, but it's still not plagiarism as they have bought the rights to use them.
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    I buy them all the time. There are many things you can do with them. For example, you can create a video course based on an ebook, or take an ebook and use it for your auto responder. That's just touching the surface though.
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    I buy PLR for my own use plus I sell PLR. There are lots of reasons to use PLR and lots of ways to use it. Plus when you buy PLR, you should rewrite it and make changes to it before posting it on yours sites. As for ways to use it... there's blog posts, reports, ebooks, autoresponders, emails, Kindle, ezines, newsletters, digital magazines, etc.

    Since it's PLR, it's not plagiarism because you have the right to use it when you buy it.

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    High quality PLR articles are full of good content and well-structured. If you outsource 10 articles with the same quality, normally it will cost you at least $50 dollars. And if you buy PLR articles, you may only need 10 dollars. You just do some spin work and it will save you $40 dollars. That’s one of the reasons some people are willing to buy PLRs.
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    When I buy it I somehow rewrite it, but you don't have to. You can repurpose it, and use the material in a video or put it in a autoresponder for content
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      PLR articles can be a fantastic starting point. Read it for ideas to write your own work, rewrite it, spin it, transfer it to video, slideshow, reports etc etc

      The possibilities are endless, all it takes it time...
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        In addition to selling PLR, I buy PLR articles all the time for my own use. I re-write it a bit to make it my own or use it in an autoresponder series. It's a great starting point, and there are some excellent providers here on the Warrior Forum, some of whom have already posted in this thread.
        If writing is difficult for you, find some high quality PLR and tweak it a bit. Then you can spend your valuable time where it'll do you the most good.

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    Sell them to marketers needing the folowing items. Taken from one of my offers:

    Turn Articles into Special Reports
    Turn Articles into eCourses
    Turn Articles into eBooks
    Turn Articles into Autoresponder Series Messages
    Turn Articles into Web Content
    Spin Articles and Promote Your Products
    Spin Articles and Submit To Gain Backlinks for Your Site
    Start an Article Submission Service Offering PLR Content
    Start An Article Spinning Service and Offer The PLR Content
    Use eBooks and Special Reports as Opt-In List Building Giveaways
    Use eBooks and Special Reports as Bonus Items for Your Offers
    Re-Write eBooks, Special Reports, and eCourses and Re-Market Them
    Use Website Templates to Create Your Own Sites
    Create Niche "Buyers Guides" Using PLR Content
    Use PLR Content To Create Viral Reports Promoting Your Affiliate Links
    Modify and use Sales Letters to Promote Your Own Products
    Sell eBooks, Software and Special Reports as they are.
    Bundle Various Products and Sell, them or Use for Opt-In Offers
    Read Some of This Excellent Material and Put It To Use For Your Business
    Modify Websites, Sales Letters and Product and Promote to Various Niches
    Create Newsletters from eBooks, Articles, and Sales Letters
    Use The Content As Scripts To Produce Unique Audio Recordings and Videos
    Use PLR Content For Webinars, Podcasts and Teleconference Calls
    Use PLR Content To Create Marketing and Sales Material for Offline Marketing
    Compile PLR Content Into Special "Tips" Reports
    Translate PLR Content into Other Languages and Break Into New Markets
    Use PLR Content For FAQ Pages
    Create Banner Ads From PLR Sales Letter Content
    Revise PLR Content and Use As 'Before and After' Copy To Pursue Editing Gigs
    Use PLR Content To Brainstorm New Product Ideas
    Use PLR Content in Posting To Niche Forums
    Create "Top 10" Lists For Your Niche Using PLR Content
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    Nice list of things to do with the articles.

    Personally I prefer writing but I can see why they are useful for people as that list illustrates.
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    I think everyone here has hit the nail on the head but Ill hit it once just for the heck of it. PLR is a great resource for research and getting the old noggin crankin out ideas. I know there have been many times I was starting a site and had no clue where to go from there. So I would buy a couple of PLR packs on the subject and re write it all. Also if you are unfamiliar with a niche it will give you a better idea of the particular lingo and jargon associated with it. Of course not all PLR is created equally, I have found you are better buying PLR in smaller niche packs than those giant assortment packs. From the view of myself as an article writer it is so much more profitable to sell PLR I can write 5 Articles and sell them for $5.00 a pack forever. As opposed to selling them just once for 25.00. Anyway I think I'm getting off topic here, sorry for the digression guys...happens a lot to me
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