Amazon Associates: How Do You Determine What Products To Promote?

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How do you decide which products to promote? I typically go with products that have mostly/all positive reviews although completely positive is a stretch, as many reviews are mixed with some reviewers having had positive experiences with the product with many others having negative experiences with the same product as well as those in the middle. From a buyers prospective if you pay attention to the reviews it can all be very confusing.
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    I sell only high end products, and use Consumer Reports as the primary basis for choosing products in my niches.
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    I wouldn't worry about looking for all positive reviews. The negative ones can make your review more balanced.

    I like to read the negative reviews and then include the details in my own review as well as how people can overcome them. For example some people might complain that a product doesn't do X but then if you do some research you find it's because of user error or you can provide a solution to the problem.
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      check out this site

      eBay Pulse: trends, hot picks, cool stuff and popular searches on

      it tells you the hottest product sold, current trends

      i know this is ebay and you asked for amazon but a buyer is a buyer, no matter what site the're using.

      good luck

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        JMO but sometimes choosing a product because of the number of reviews can be a mistake. For instance in the electronics category sometimes the number of reviews also means it's been around for a while, some items like HDTVs can show a lot of reviews while at the same time it's becoming obsolete. I like to double check items with Google insights to see if it's on a downward spiral.

        I often use the tabs on this page - Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Movers and Shakers, etc. Bestsellers: The most popular items on Amazon
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