PayPal Not Allowing Payments To India ???

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I just tried sending some money to my developer in India and PayPal said they are sorry but they cant process payments to anyone in India atm.

Does anyone know why and how long this effect will last?
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    This is due to changes at the Reserve Bank of India - and paypal has to comply. The info above may answer your question.

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    I'm new on the forum but wanted to chime in...I have an SEO client in India that pays me every month via PayPal for writing for them. Since this change last month, I can no longer receive payment via PayPal and instead the Indian company has to wire the money to my local US bank account. Its a bit of PIA but at least I get paid.

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    Thats odd, i have a friend in India and i have send him
    20 $ 1 or 2 hours ago and it worked.
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